In Nature’s Show

Nothing gold can stay,” the poet

says, neglecting

to add that change

comes to every 

shade, even black, and blue, and grey.

Nature doesn’t

hold to any hue.

In her always

changing motion picture show, she

allows each one

to come and play

its part, then go.


Day’s Gold

Driving west as late afternoon

sun slowly spills

its pot of gold

across the sky,

I ponder the extravagance.

Why such a grand

display as dark

comes slowly forth

to claim the day? But why hold back?

Why not fill night’s

waiting arms with

all the gold of day?



Winter is destined to win out

but Fall hangs on

with promises

to stay the course.

Like many a politician

who has flamed out,

Fall lingers still

in barrenness,

hoping much-desired warmth will

make up for all

that is missing

and did not last.


On Those Days

On those days when the sun won’t shine,

poems won’t rhyme,

the dryer’s broke,

gone up in smoke,

and the commode has overflowed,

I want to know,

I want to see

what else might be.

“Be in the now,” the wise ones say,

but on those days

Miss Peggy Lee  *

speaks more for me.


* For those of you who are younger than I or who listened to more elevated music, the reference is to Peggy Lee’s hit, “Is That All There Is?”.