On Those Days

On those days when the sun won’t shine,

poems won’t rhyme,

the dryer’s broke,

gone up in smoke,

and the commode has overflowed,

I want to know,

I want to see

what else might be.

“Be in the now,” the wise ones say,

but on those days

Miss Peggy Lee  *

speaks more for me.


* For those of you who are younger than I or who listened to more elevated music, the reference is to Peggy Lee’s hit, “Is That All There Is?”.

2 comments on “On Those Days

  1. The Skeptical Daughter says:

    Okay, so since you posted this on my birthday, I guess I’ll remind you that no, that’s not all there is. You seem to have left out the pain of childbirth, frustration of child-rearing, and the shame of realizing that, despite your best efforts, you’ve raised sassy, smart-mouthed, disrespectful children.


  2. Shell says:

    J-Right away I thought of your post of the 16th about “Peace’. Also, the movie title “What Dreams May Come” popped instantly in front of my mind’s eye. I wonder whether it’s our Western culture-being inculcated from early on to expect, to catagorize, to judge, to expect . . . I often reflect in my own life the ‘goods’ & the ‘bads’ and long to be free of the imposed polarization. Sometimes I get there & sometimes I squirm in resistance for way, way too long. I prefer to believe that I am open to ‘what dreams may come’ as I script my days, being enough in the moment to experience the the smoke and the overflow as just what they are: the expression of the next moment here on earth. Shell


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