Poet’s Challenge


I sit down, try to write.

 Dog and cats put up a fight.

Walk? Snacks? Pats? Play?

They sigh and look my way.

I shake my head and decline.

I just want to sit and rhyme.

They exchange a sullen glance.

Dog begins to paw and prance.

Cats take a different tack,

kneading and purring to call me back.

My eyes widen suddenly.

I was blind, but now I see.

They have come to inspire me.


Out My Way

Every day since winter

announced its icy presence,

we’ve gathered fallen branches,

moved fallen trees,

offered heartfelt thanks

that we’re still standing.


Love Abounds

Power outage.

Knox and I find refuge

 at son and daughter-in-law’s house.

Morning brings rude awakening 

when Knox, eighty pounds and rising,

bounds onto their bed

and showers them

with grateful kisses.