Giving And Receiving

It’s true givers receive too.

I feed the birds

and they give me pleasure.

I give the kids space

and I get a break from chatter.

I offer Knox a treat

and I get licks and tail wags.


The Constancy of Change

When my world was shaken

by a sudden, unexpected happening,

I steadied myself by looking outward

at the ever-shifting patterns

created by clouds and sun.

Though not sudden or abrupt,

change was woven into

each moment here as well.


We All

We all have days when

we’re tugged and pulled

in many directions…and

we all know how good

it would feel to hear

a tender voice say,

“You just rest.

I’ll take care of that.”


Real Change

All those “W’ questions;

 who, what, where, when, and why

can help us see more clearly

and with right action 

 make real change possible.



Knox, Loyal And True

After he lurched in pursuit

of I don’t know what

and caused me to fall

and drop his leash,

he dropped his pursuit

and lay down beside me

His eyes said,

“I’m sorry, Mama”.



The Clock Is Ticking

Not for a grade,

not for money or fame,

but for fun, for pleasure,

for the joy of creating,

these young tiktokers

make their one minute shows.

The clock is ticking. 

Something is right with the world.



When I Grow Weary

I look to all that’s green,

to all that’s flowering,

and find encouragement there.