February Ends

February ends

with a warm and misty kiss

foreshadowing Spring.


The Sky’s Not The Limit

A drama plays out overhead:

two hawks locked

in an aerial battle.

With a sky so vast,

it must be turf they’re fighting for.


Early Indicators

Driving home late one night

sixteen years ago,

two grandkids in the back seat,

we rounded a curve and before us

lay a valley dotted with lights.

Kodi, age 6, gasped and said,

“It looks like a whole bunch of angels.’

A few seconds passed,

then Sami, age 4, said,

“From over here it looks like

a whole bunch of car lights.”





A Warm Welcome

The early morning

is filled with song as the birds

greet the rising sun.

They too must be glad to feel

the warmth of its golden light.


Sacred Moment

The sight of several deer,

heads bowed, quietly grazing,

ends a busy day on a restful note.

I bow my head too.