Circular Motion

Round and round she goes,

this kitten, chasing her tail,

and even when she

momentarily grabs on,

it’s not for long, much like us.




On my morning drive to work,

past mottled fields of snow

beneath a mottled sky,

I reflect on the mottled nature of things.

No matter how much we long for purity,

life on this earth is a mottled affair

 and so are we.


Day 119 – Choice And Change

Tired today, wanted a nap.

Chose exercise instead.

Easier than I thought.

Change –  the result of choice

and follow through.


A Different Kind Of Holding

I held back, didn’t

try to fix – just asked myself

and them, “What can you

do to make it more likely

you will find peace or delight?”


What Murphy Knows

In these new surroundings,

she knows to take it slow.

First a place to hide,

then a time to wait and watch –

one cautious step and then another

until she emerges in curious splendor,

a true royal in the making,

queen of all that she surveys.


Day 117 – No In-between

There’s no in-between.

Either I exercise or I don’t.

In a world of complexities, 

this is simply a matter

of yes or no.

Today was a delayed yes,

but nevertheless, it was still a yes.