Fitness Incentives

It’s been a long time

since I did this much walking,

but it’s what keeps Knox

from devouring the couch

and me from losing my mind.


Perpetual Puppy Celebration

Leaves, twigs, and deer scat,

moths, beetles, and passing cars –

Knox celebrates each

and every one of them with

full-bodied, tail-wagging joy.




Blessed Sight

A single gold leaf

made radiant by the sun

sends shivers of delight

through those  lucky enough

 to see.




The School of Soft Knox

I’ve enrolled in 

the School of Soft Knox

so when I stepped outside,

and saw a gray day, I listened.

Knox gave me a tug, told me

not to dismay, we didn’t

need sun to walk and play


Knoxed Out

One thousand and one games of tug of war,

 an equal number of fetch the ball

and I bet you’ll never guess

who grew tired first.

Knox or me?