Small Goings-on

The raindrops fall,

making tiny circles

in the puddles

on the porch.

A squirrel,

clutching birdseed,

lifts his small paws

to his mouth.

A wee bird sings,

calling his companions

to the feast.

I, damp with joy,

sit and dryly watch.



Four Creatures

Two cats asleep on

the dog’s bed, their backs

to the sliding glass door,

a female cardinal pecking

at birdseed on the porch floor –

I, propped on my bed,

 watch and write.

Four creatures, each 

in their own way, content

 at the close of day.


Dwelling Place

The spirit we send

 out into the world

depends upon the state

of our bodies, hearts,

and minds – spirit’s

temporary dwelling place.

May we keep them

in good repair for ourselves

and all who visit there.