Above And Beyond

Several strange synchronicities suggest

there’s a hidden

hand at work




one that’s

willing to

help those who are

obviously oblivious like me.


Though We Rail

Constraints have value.

 Without them we’d easily

drift –  get lost in space.


Not Only Wise But Savvy

In fifteen minutes she’d reformatted and sent

the spread sheet of guests 

her daughter had asked her to send

when she learned

she couldn’t open the original.

How lucky this daughter was

that at ninety years old

her mom was computer savvy

and luckier still, she said

in her birthday toast,

to have been raised by a mom

who always loved learning

 and was living and loving and learning still.


     (For Mary Lee Allen, remarkable for far more than her computer skills, on her 90th birthday.)


In The Flow

No phone, no computer, no t.v. –

just the task at hand and me.

Time passed fast though I worked slow.

I didn’t see the hours go 

when suddenly the day was gone

and slowly it began to dawn

though disconnected and uninformed

I felt as though I’d been reborn.





No problems tug at

my mind, no worries trouble

my heart, but I know,

given half a chance, my mind

will begin stirring stuff up.



Knowing where that thought

will take me, I pause, breathe, and

carefully dismount.



Taming Of The Wild

Black-eyed Susans


Bachelor Buttons

Queen Anne’s Lace

Each year their untamed beauty

tames my wild heart.