Sweet Surrender

After the rain stopped

the evergreens gently held

some glistening drops

until the moment was right

to let the glistening go.


Turn, Turn, Turn

It’s not that there’s no place to turn

when doubts abound, 

when things get rough,

when pain persists.

If we open up, we might see

beyond our fear

to another


With that counter-instinctive turn

 we can slowly 

make our way to

love’s outstretched arms.







Joint Offering



On the dirt road,

gravel ground down,

leaves pressed by passing tires,

part of a montage

composed by cars and trees.


Birthday Reflection

 Seventy seven

years on this planet and I

still haven’t figured

 out what it’s all about… and

there’s no use asking Alfie.


Ill Prepared

Nobody ever told me

I should go to magician school,

but I wish they had because,

like so many of us,

I’m asked to work magic

and produce whatever is needed

out of thin air.


We Travelers

That deer and I exchanged a look.

“Who is the visitor here,” 

we asked, “you or I?”

The rising sun and setting moon

shine their light on both of us

and continue on their cosmic way.