A therapist now for over 30 years and a high school English and humanities teacher before that, I started this blog when several aspects of myself converged: my reading self who was immersed in Reeve Lindbergh’s FORWARD FROM HERE;  my writing self who had just finished a poem, “The Shed”, (see September 4, 2011 post);  my resting self who was enjoying the slower pace of a long weekend;  and my relational self who wanted to share my ponderings and wanderings with others who have their own ponderings and wanderings.  This convergence came in the context of daily life with several very talkative live-in grandchildren and underlined for me the deep need I have for a holding place for all that is interesting, challenging, satisfying, amusing, and frequently exasperating – for all  that is real – in my life.

9 comments on “About

  1. Anthony says:

    A holding place. Very well said.


  2. claire says:

    Thanks for your visit and follow. I followed the footprints and came her, liked your “world” and will follow too.


  3. dojspeak says:

    Really enjoying your poems!


  4. Ponder says:



  5. Cheryl Yarek says:

    Joan; You write with supreme grace. It is an absolute pleasure to read your writing. I thank-you for your openness. I thank-you for being so real. And, I especially thank-you for this kind window. Cheryl.


  6. Your ‘holding place’ is something I would like to emulate as well. Beautifully expressed Joan.


  7. rgman says:

    Your writing is some of the most inspiring I’ve read here. Thank you.


  8. Joy Crawford says:

    This is a beautiful place to be!


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