Ways And Reasons

Nature has its ways and reasons

 beyond what we

can ever know.

No matter how many facts

we gather or theories spin,

 a part can’t fully comprehend the whole.


Fashion Fling

Today between twelve noon and four

nature tried on

many clothes. First

came a crisp grey

only to be tossed aside for

something not so

discrete, but still

subdued – and then,

tossing caution to the winds, came

a wild display

in white, dropped for

bright casual,

and now, at day’s end

a basic black.


In Nature’s Show

Nothing gold can stay,” the poet

says, neglecting

to add that change

comes to every 

shade, even black, and blue, and grey.

Nature doesn’t

hold to any hue.

In her always

changing motion picture show, she

allows each one

to come and play

its part, then go.