have you seen how hope…

I wanted to share this lovely poem by Sarah Whitely from her blog ebbtide.wordpress.com


have you seen how hope
gathers at the edge of pain?

how like first light, it graces
the thin lip of the ridge
before sweeping wholesale
down the slope?

how sometimes it is slow
to gather, and even slower
to rise up over the noise
of our daily just-eking-by?

love, too, is like this –
it should spill over like time
that can’t be bound by hours,
it should shake your petals

© Sarah Whiteley

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You Never Know

    When my pen is poised and the words refuse

to flow, it could

be a sign 

to dive




and simply

sit and wait ’til

inspiration strikes or I fall asleep.






Day 165 – The Full Treatment

For a week I showed

care for myself

by treating a bad cold,

but I’m back now

to caring for myself

with the treat of exercise.



Unintentionally Obtuse

The wider my mind opens,

the more and less I know.

A thoughtless paradox

or a poet’s paradise?