Territorial Competition

Over and over that tree shoot

ascends between the boards

of my porch, and over and over

I say “no” in a very cutting way.

I don’t know which one of us

will have the final say,

but I sense that tree shoot

has some inside knowledge

from an undisclosed source.




I got out of the way

of a runner, a biker,

a speeding car,

but still found it hard

to get out of my own way.



Sunday Chorus

Outside a Sunday chorus

celebrates the shifting nature of things.

Invited to join, I’m reluctant at first,

but soon shift too and together,

sun, clouds, trees, breeze, and  I

shift and sway, smile, and sing.

In the distance the crows

cackle with delight and even

the stubborn bluejays join in

as Knox runs around with a half-chewed stick.