An Evening With Carol Burnett

As laughter filled our

throats and shook our bellies, we

met on the solid

ground of connection and checked

our differences at the door.


Heat Soaked

These heat soaked days take me back

to my first days of teaching. It was late

August in newly integrated Alabama,

pre-airconditioning. I was twenty seven.

Suddenly a fight broke out between two guys,

one white, one black. It was the end of the day.

I had had it. I stormed over, pulled them apart,

and yelled, “Stop it. Just stop it.” A stunned silence

filled the room as they sat back down. The silence

grew even stronger when I added,

“You just have to understand.

I simply do not do well in heat.”

That class never gave me any more trouble,

but from then on, even in the cold of winter,

one of them would ask how I was doing in heat.




An Encounter To Ponder (illustrated by grandentity, Samwise)

For a while now,

each evening

a brown toad

hops up to

our sliding glass door

and peers in.

Every evening

our cat Murphy

waits for him.

She does not

cry or paw

at the door.

She just sits

 and peers back.

What if we humans

met those different

from us with

 equal curiosity?
















Each Day

Life invites us to

its grand sing-a-long even

if we can’t carry a tune.


The Singer And The Song

Whatever song fills your throat, that’s the song

your body wants

to sing. Just




Standing At The Corner

Though I don’t control the traffic,

when a word, a line, sometimes a poem,

approaches the intersection

of conscious and unconscious,

I bear witness 

and write down what I see.


Peripheral Vision

While attending to

what’s right in front of me,

I spot, off to the side,

two cardinals 

tiptoeing through the clover –

a bright reminder of what

I yearn to do .