Compassion Unloosed

Solid and tight are often over-rated.

May we stand easy

on open ground.


Unmet Needs

On  and    on        and      on

he went.

“Don’t get short with me.”

to which I courteously replied,

“And please,

don’t get long with me.”




Look Out

The bachelors are back,

decked in blue – roadside flirts no

matter the weather.




A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Joan,

Some things are too personal

to put in a letter 

that others may read,

but what I want you to know

is that I understand.

I know you’re doing the very best you can.

I love you.

– Older Joan

What’s The Matter?

Seeing that millipede crawl 

across my office floor,

I wonder if he’s searching for

 some decomposing matter.

There’s nothing decomposing here 

except unproductive patterns,

and outdated points of view.

Sadly, on many days

there’s not even much of that. 

I gently pick him up

and go outside. I place him

 near those well-mulched bushes,

feeling an unexpected kinship

with this decomposition seeker.


Sitting Meditation

My dog Toby

came into the room,

took one look at my frazzled face, 

and sat down by my side.

He offered no sage advice.

 He didn’t remind me

that others had it worse.

He didn’t try to cheer me up.

He simply came and sat.

Sometimes a friendly,

wordless presence

is all we need.



The More Things Change…

Cars speed by as I sit,

waiting for the light to change.

I’m in my new-to-me car.

I remember the first car I bought

fifty-six years ago.

I didn’t have a license, didn’t 

even know how to drive.

What I did know was 

it was sweltering hot in Alabama

and I was tired of waiting.

My husband was out of town 

and the bikes we had been riding

for two years were parked outside.

To this day, how I got that loan

and that car remains a mystery,

but by the time he got home

we had a car.

The light changes,

but I haven’t changed much.