Testy Testing – Day 17

School starts back – yes, I

know it’s August and early.

It’s a real test to

continue my practice, but

I will do my best to pass.




Matter For Contemplation

We are 


of the Infinite,

tied briefly 

to form and time.



In Between on Day 16

Like any practice,

spiritual, physical, or

mental, some days are

easier than others. This

one fell somewhere in between.


Day 15, Wherein I Make My Case

It’s a sad thing indeed

when the person you’re trying to convince

is yourself and even you

can’t buy it.

I tell myself I’ve already

exercised plenty. Just getting

all the stuff packed and ready

to come home involved

a lot of bending and stretching.

 The three hour drive back

was exhausting…Not to mention

it’s already late and the unpacking 

still has to be done. 

But, sadly, no… even I can’t buy it,

so I’ll set this poem aside

and sullenly begin.



One Breath And Then Another

My breath might be shallow or deep.

It could be hurried or labored or slow.

I might be happy or sad,

 exhilarated or bored,

tired, energized, peaceful or mad,

but no matter the state of my breath

or of myself, I have to take

one breath before I can take another.



Still Lazy After All These Years – Day 14

I’m learning to work with

and around myself. 

It’s been two weeks now,

that’s fourteen days –

fourteen days, but who’s counting?


I count.

It doesn’t matter that I’m starting late.

It doesn’t matter that friends started long ago.

It doesn’t matter that I’m lazy still.

What matters is it’s been two weeks

and I carry (and am being carried) on.


( I give thanks to all who have offered encouragement and support on this fitness journey. A shout out goes to Dennis Ference for reminding me that I am being carried even as I carry on. As I wrote “carry on” I could just see the glee on my kids and grandkids face as they nudge each other and say, “Yep, Gaba. You really do know how to carry on.”