The World According To Knox

Knox’s world is a wondrous place 

full of any number of chewable things.

It’s got stuff to sniff, faces to lick,

holes to dig, balls to fetch

 creatures to chase and,

 until training is complete,

cues and commands to ignore.



Every Day

I clear a space,

an altar of sorts,

and place upon it

my joys and sorrows

and everything in between.

I bow in thanks

for this holding place.



Music Maker

Wind rustles among

red and golden leaves: Autumn’s

moving melody.


No Holding Back

Knox made his debut

at the dog park and asked each

dog he met to dance.

Not one to waltz, he boogied

 and shimmied his time away.



Answering The Call

A day of glitches

calls for deep breaths 

and letting things go.

By nightfall I’ve managed

a few small surrenders

and a few deep breaths.


Epitome Of Grace

Even though many

were impatiently waiting,

she took the time to

listen carefully and help

each person when their turn came.


Knox Makes A Discovery

Overnight, fairies came

and spread icing over the yard.

Knox barked his thanks

for this home delivery

and dove right in.





All the other blooms

have surrendered their color,

but one bloom clings to

 its former glory. Still, each

is lovely in its own way.