One Of Those Days

I look to the sky, hoping a poem will

parachute down

and hit my

page, but




not like that

anyway. I

look to the ground, but no sprout can be found.


Quite The Trip

I want to get off 

the negativity train,

but it’s moving fast

and slows for no station.

“Who’s the engineer?” I ask

and am shaken to hear,

“Why it’s you yourself my dear.”



Upon Awakening

No breeze, just a strange,

almost breathless stillness this

hot August morning.


Soul Music

It may take a lifetime

to create a vital harmony

among our disparate parts,

but it’s worth trying for.


Home Base

Clouds move across the sky

causing the light to change.

I long to reside more

in the sky than in those clouds

that cause the light to shift.


Squirrelly Matters

It wasn’t over 

the food ’cause there was plenty,

but there was a tiff

and while others serenely

dined, those two chased, leapt, and climbed.


Deep Search

We gaze upward,

scanning the sky,

wistfully looking

for answers to

 our deep questions.



Suddenly it dawns on us.

 We might be  

the intervening

variable we’ve

been looking for.