Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Now you are robed,

not in black,

but in shining light

reflecting back to us

the light  that resided 

within you

and in your actions

on our behalf.


                                                         With deep gratitude



I Move Closer

It wasn’t there yesterday, but

it’s there today,

a large brown bug,

still, unmoving.


When I check again, it’s still there,

still unmoving.

I move closer.

I pick it up.


I turn it over. A tiny

seed’s held tight in 

its grasp…What will

I die holding?


Sitting Practice

Bell sounds

Back straight

Feet on ground

Focus on breath

Focus wanders

Focus returns

Focus wanders

Focus returns

Focus wanders

Focus returns

Bell sounds

Deep sigh


To be continued




Our Eyes See

Our eyes see,

but thoughts and feelings

 cloud our vision.



The discomfort of

not knowing,

the impatient desire

to finally arrive

at an answer,

a solution,


Oh, the human folly

of it all when

here, now, right before us,

the sun ignites the trees

with green fire

and the squirrel scratches

his head in astonishment.