In these crazy times

we long for tales of good hearts

and coherent minds.


Summer Treasure

Bees and butterflies

dart among tall sunflowers –

summer’s golden gift


Loving Kindness 101

I’m a beginner,

that’s for sure. In my practice

today, I was asked

to bring to mind someone who

irritated me

and to specifically name

the irritation.

” She always believes she’s right,”

I thought and then had 

to laugh out loud, knowing she

 is me. I sent us

both some loving kindness for

this trait we jointly share.



On Being

To be or not to be

is not a question

this buzzing creature asks –

he simply bees.

We humans start there,

but then depart.

Sometimes with effort,

sometimes without,

we can return.


                                                                                                                                                                      (photo from Pixabay)



Research Shows

Cows hold grudges too,

but only for what others 

did to them – not for

the color of their skin

or their place of origin.

It’s uncomfortable to see

cows as more advanced than we.


White Clover

As much as I admire your plucky

insistence that


you land



down roots

and bloom, I

 really think you’ll

feel more at home in the pasture next door.


                                                                                                                                                            photograph by anandasandra from pixabay

With Softer Eyes

After I read Jon Kabat-Zinn’s words:

we are ” sentience quivering within infinity”,

I looked at that ant

hurrying among those wilting peonies,

my grouchy neighbor with his yapping dog,

and myself too with softer eyes.