A Gift Received

After days of rain, sunlight ignited

soaring sparks of 


pleasure .



I’ll bask

in golden

light and allow

myself to simply sit and take it in.





Dietary Discourse

“We can’t digest what

you’ve been feeding us,” my belly says.

“You mean you don’t find fear, worry, distrust,

  angst, and anger appetizing?” my mind asks.

They laugh together, belly and mind,

as I breathe deeply and relax.

Consciousness expands.




Cardinal Knowledge

Light rains? Use your brains

and forage for food beneath

all nearby bushes.

Heavy rains and flash floods?  Time

to fly elsewhere for some grub.


Lost In A Mirage

Unable to see

the oasis right before

us, lost as we are in a

mirage of fear and

discontent, we curl up in

a closed off ball of

disconnection and miss what’s

green and thriving just ahead.



Listening To My Own Words

In uncertain times,”

I said, then paused, realizing

no times were certain.

“When we’re conscious,” I resumed,

paused, reflected, fell silent.


Rooted Presence

Another storm, another shattered limb

from a tree that

has given

us so

much –



in spring and

much-welcomed shade

in summer – diminished now, but still strong.


Thorny Truth

Blackberry bushes

send white messages – beauty

first, then the fruit.