After Much Thought

In consideration

for all the work it has done,

I’ve decided to give

the vacuum cleaner a rest.



Come As You Are

A poem accepts

a heart that’s empty,

a heart that’s full,

that which pushes,

that which pulls,

a lot of words,

or just a few.

A poem opens itself to you.


Worth Pondering

Soon we’ll be dancing

with the angels, Cummings said.

What present will we

 leave behind?


( In memory of Elijah Cummings,

a statesman who walked the talk )


 A minor inconvenience 

for some of us,

but parched flowers,

shrubs and trees,

( and even those

we call weeds )

drink deeply today

from Nature’s

rain-filled cup.


Heady Matters

Clinging to nothing,

she moved effortlessly

through time and circumstance

until she was snagged

by a thorny thought.