Secret Weapon

Composing a poem

on my drive home

silences that inner voice

yammering on about

what I did or didn’t do.


All In

Belly, lungs, and heart

join together to soothe brain’s

 self-created pain.


As We Travel

Most roads aren’t

straight for long, but

it’s in the curves

that skills are tested 

and beauty can be found.



For Joe and Kamala

untangling the web

May you have courage and strength,

because you will need it.

May you have energy and good health,

because you will need it.

May your spouses be strong

because you will need them to be.

May your advisors tell you the truth,

not what they think you want to hear.

May you listen to all sides

before making decisions.

May you work well together

and respect each other.

May you form good relationships

on both sides of the aisle.

May you reunite this country

because you will have to.

May you surpass your own expectations

because the future of our country is in your hands.

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Litany For Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

( A Guest Post By Margaret Nea )


For the new leadership, filled with hope, of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

        We give grateful thanks


For their integrity, decency, courage, and their passionate belief in our democracy

        We give grateful thanks


For their ability to choose advisors whose wisdom is profound

       We give grateful thanks


For their ability to communicate with leaders of the world and with the people of our own country

       We give grateful thanks


For their willingness to listen, to be open to ideas from all sorts of people across racial

and political divides in order to make effective judgements

       We give grateful thanks


For their empathy, compassion, and understanding of those who are hurting

and despondent, those whose voices are yearning to be heard

        We give grateful thanks


For their belief in themselves, for self-confidence to go forward with intelligent

and ethical decisions

        We give grateful thanks


For the influence they will have for peace in worldwide situations and global crises

         We give grateful thanks


For the millions of prayers from our country and from all over the world that will be

lifted up for the positive leadership of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

        We give grateful thanks








Ready, Willing And Waiting

Waiting for words

to bubble up 

and spill over, 

but it seems

the well is dry.


I lower my bucket,

hoping it will fill

by and by.



Learning How

My soul longs for peace,

but it seems there are some things

my ego has to

learn first – like how to let soul’s

longing guide my behavior.