College Winter Break

Though the day was gray

and the road filled with fast-moving trucks,

what lingers now that I’m back home

is gratitude for time well spent

with a dear friend who agreed to drive

and later with my granddaughter

who was grateful that the driver wasn’t me.


Jimmy’s Take

“The dirt was enough

and the grass and those leaves” barks

my persnickety 

 dog, Jimmy, ” but now there’s this

cold, white, sticky stuff – puh-lease!”


White Loveliness

So much beauty can

be hard to hold, thus the trees

quietly let go.











































Snow Glow

It’s the beauty, yes,

but also it’s the promise

of much-needed rest

that brings a glow to blanched cheeks

and a sparkle to dulled eyes.



Dark Doings

When I stepped outside,

sky and trees exploded with

crows and their complaints.

 Who knows what the issue was,

but it was too big to tweet.