Don’t Worry. Write Poetry.

By adding up time

spent on worry, we’d see how

it subtracts from happiness.


By adding up time

spent on poetry, we’d see

how it multiplies pleasure.


(This poem was written jointly by my son and me and was posted on I wrote the first three lines and he replied with the second three lines. We have been writing a joint poem daily using the mondo sedoka form for over seven years.)

After A Lifetime of Productivity

I don’t want to squander

a minute of the time

I have left. 

I want to

watch the sun rise and set,

listen to bird song,

pet my dog, 

sip my wine,

laugh with grandkids.

I don’t want habit or worry

to rob me

of these “unproductive” moments.



Love Challenge

If I surrender

my need to be right, then I

can better hear you

and the place from which I speak

will have room enough for two.


reposted at the request of a dear friend }


Artistic Frustration

Even though Sami 

had walked me through each step which

I diligently

wrote down, I couldn’t upload

the image with my poem.


( Stay tuned for the poem and accompanying image. Sami will be home soon for Christmas break.)

Where The Heart Is

Just over the hill 

and around the bend,

next to the large pond 

surrounded by trees,

lies my small, round house.

No matter the season

or the hour, I know

I will be greeted by

an assortment of creatures,

indoors and out,

welcoming me home,

checking to see

if I remembered 

to bring treats.