Blessed Detour

Circumstances forced

her to take an unchosen

path where she found what

she wasn’t looking for and

discovered it was herself.


Lesson Learned

That startling sound? 

a bird hitting the window.

That startling sight? 

a squirrel carrying it off.

Hoping I’m wrong, I

go out to check. Bird’s still there,

but in shock. I touch

its feathers gently.

It looks up. I speak softly,

then back off. It flies first to

the porch railing, rests

a while, gathers

itself, then flies off. Sometimes,

as the bird and I

discovered, first impressions

can be very, very wrong.



Whispered Questions

For a moment I thought

I hearthe trees whispering

among themselves:

“We once held them;

will they now hold us?”


Whys and Wherefores

In the midst

of our over-busy lives,

why not take a minute or two

to reflect on why

 we’re doing what we do.

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?

Does it nourish body,

soul or mind?



Dog On It

When I’m feeling low,

my dog Toby seems to know

and in his wordless way,

he has a world of things to say.

First comes a nuzzle, then a nudge

and if it looks like I won’t budge,

he looks at the door desperately,

knowing I’ll think he has to pee.

On our walk he goes real slow

til I get caught in nature’s flow

and with a great big drooly smile

he celebrates his doggy guile.




Right Now

If we know where we are,

if we remember where we’ve been,

if we can picture where we want to go,

it must be time to hit the road.