Decisive Not Devisive

I grabbed a ride

on that bird’s lilting song

and left my suitcase of blame behind – 

a momentary decision

to make music instead of complaints.


A Question Worth Asking

If we succeed in

eliminating all with

whom we disagree,

does that mean we’ll have gotten

rid of our higher selves too?


Gardening Lessons

We can prepare the soil, plant the seeds,

weed and water –

that’s what we

can do.




watching won’t

guarantee growth

in our gardens, our children, or in us.


The Trips They Take

An unaccustomed 

quiet descends as grandkids

journey – some far, some

close to home and some only

in the regions of their minds.



Women Of A Certain Age

What they’ve done they’ve done,

this gathering of women

seventy years and older.

With nothing left to prove,

they are open to themselves and each other.

No topic is too large or too deep

(world peace, life after death)

or too small

(vitamin B12 , comfy shoes)

for their contemplation.

They hold these concerns as tenderly as they hold each other.