Movers and Shakers

Caught in the draft of

cars speeding past, tall grass shakes

as its roots hold firm.

I ponder what speeding cars

and rooted grass have to teach.


In Storm’s Path

When we got home,

you were there to greet us,

sweet mourning dove.

Cooing softly,

you didn’t take flight

but lingered close by

on the ground.


Worried you might

be injured, we slowly

approached, but you

flew to a near-by tree

and cooed, as if to say,

“Thanks, but no thanks.

I’ve got this and so do you.”

And, indeed, we do.


The Big Question

Locked in a prison

of my own making, I learn

I have the key.

The big question is… will I

use what I’ve learned and thus walk free?


Our One True Home

A glimpse is enough

to let us know

a different world exists

permeating the world we know.

Spacious, nonjudgmental, and serene,

it is in all of us. May we live 

in this awareness – our one true home.