Don’t Miss This Unique Opportunity

During these difficult times, I’m offering the following workshops to lift your spirits. Please select from the following list those you wish to attend.

_____Whistling Your Way Past Fear and Anxiety

_____How to Succeed Without Lifting a Finger

_____Other Interesting Things To Do With That Finger

_____Transforming Now Into Then

_____How To Improve Your Marriage Using Common Kitchen Appliances

_____Coming Unglued: Detachment Made Easy

_____The Guilt  Lover’s Guide To Successful Child Rearing

_____You Too Can Become a Corporation

_____Making Whining Work For You

_____How Being Irresponsible Can Set You Free and Get You Elected to Congress

_____Developing a Mindful Bathroom Presence

_____Celebrating Dysfunction Wherever You Find It

_____Basic Paperclip Maintenance

_____Overcoming Happiness and Other Obstacles To Misery

_____Writing as Waste Management

_____Learning How To Snort Like an Iconoclast

_____101 Other Uses For Eric Cantor

_____Self-Actualizing No More

_____Awakening the Sleeping Termite Within

_____The Hidden Joys Of Catastrophizing

_____Guido’s Guide To A Successful Divorce

_____Turning Common Household Items Into Body Parts For Fun And Profit

_____Renewing Your Faith In Intimidation

_____Blogging Your Way To Bankruptcy

*I will also custom design workshops based on your suggestions. Don’t delay. Respond today.


On Those Days

On those days when the sun won’t shine,

poems won’t rhyme,

the dryer’s broke,

gone up in smoke,

and the commode has overflowed,

I want to know,

I want to see

what else might be.

“Be in the now,” the wise ones say,

but on those days

Miss Peggy Lee  *

speaks more for me.


* For those of you who are younger than I or who listened to more elevated music, the reference is to Peggy Lee’s hit, “Is That All There Is?”.