Don’t Miss This Unique Opportunity

During these difficult times, I’m offering the following workshops to lift your spirits. Please select from the following list those you wish to attend.

_____Whistling Your Way Past Fear and Anxiety

_____How to Succeed Without Lifting a Finger

_____Other Interesting Things To Do With That Finger

_____Transforming Now Into Then

_____How To Improve Your Marriage Using Common Kitchen Appliances

_____Coming Unglued: Detachment Made Easy

_____The Guilt  Lover’s Guide To Successful Child Rearing

_____You Too Can Become a Corporation

_____Making Whining Work For You

_____How Being Irresponsible Can Set You Free and Get You Elected to Congress

_____Developing a Mindful Bathroom Presence

_____Celebrating Dysfunction Wherever You Find It

_____Basic Paperclip Maintenance

_____Overcoming Happiness and Other Obstacles To Misery

_____Writing as Waste Management

_____Learning How To Snort Like an Iconoclast

_____101 Other Uses For Eric Cantor

_____Self-Actualizing No More

_____Awakening the Sleeping Termite Within

_____The Hidden Joys Of Catastrophizing

_____Guido’s Guide To A Successful Divorce

_____Turning Common Household Items Into Body Parts For Fun And Profit

_____Renewing Your Faith In Intimidation

_____Blogging Your Way To Bankruptcy

*I will also custom design workshops based on your suggestions. Don’t delay. Respond today.


4 comments on “Don’t Miss This Unique Opportunity

  1. Shell says:

    J- I loved all of these title-they are fun and right-on! Here’s my suggestion”
    ‘The EXTREME Workshop: Being Superfluous NOW!’ -Shell


  2. susan buniva says:

    We may need to discuss boundaries and royalties given that my life is the manual for most of these clases


  3. The Skeptical Daughter says:

    A few further suggestions:

    Vengeance: The Smart-Ass Child’s Guide to Elder Care
    Embracing Codependency- It’s not an excuse, it’s a reason!
    The DSM V Online- How Technology Can Help You Select Your Next Major Mental Illness
    Fraught With Peril: Scaring Your Teen Into Abstinence


  4. Kathleen McS. says:

    Can I possibly sign up for them all?


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