On My Better Days

On my better days

(moments really, days being

longer than I can

manage) I can move beyond

myself and find my way to you.


That Elusive Pause

That elusive pause – the time to stop, to

take a few breaths,

to assess

if the




to take is

the one I should

tread. Will it take me where I want to go

and will I be

the kind of




to be

as I walk

the path ahead,

be it an easy one or one that’s rough?


Perpetual Resolution

Still struggling after

all these years to keep my tongue

leashed and to control

fast flow to my lungs so gusts 

of hot air are not released.



The place was pretty

enough and well-kept. The day 

was blue-sky sunny

and the temperature just right –

yet a palpable

melancholy soon settled 

in, hinting of  dark

secrets time could not erase

nor cosmetics conceal.


Natural Limits

With each storm the pond

rose higher, spilling onto

nearby land. The pond,

like us, can only hold so

much before it overflows.


Now And Then

It’s just for now that

 dark clouds hover. Tomorrow

sun will fill the sky.


It’s just for now that

sun fills the sky. Tomorrow

dark clouds will hover.


 Can we find a way

 to live both with and beyond

such changing weather?


Not Even The Dog

Not even the dog

likes these dog days of summer.

He paws at the door

pronouncing his displeasure

with this Virginia weather.