Compelling Conversation

Those two mourning doves

sat in the road before me.

Their conversation

must have been intense because

even as my car

drew near they stayed. Did they each

want to have the final word?



Loving Kindness 101

I’m a beginner,

that’s for sure. In my practice

today, I was asked

to bring to mind someone who

irritated me

and to specifically name

the irritation.

” She always believes she’s right,”

I thought and then had 

to laugh out loud, knowing she

 is me. I sent us

both some loving kindness for

this trait we jointly share.



A Moving Reminder

They’re right when they say,

“No matter where you go, there

you are.” When I moved

my office, sure enough, there

I was, neurotic

as ever, well, maybe not

as ever, but with

work still to do – reminding

me to practice what I preach.


The Price of Egress

Tired of riding

inner merry-go-rounds which

have a whole lot of

movement but take me nowhere.

And what about that

familiar inner seesaw,

not to mention the

collective roller coaster?

What is it going

to take for me to finally

leave this unamusement park?


Lost In A Mirage

Unable to see

the oasis right before

us, lost as we are in a

mirage of fear and

discontent, we curl up in

a closed off ball of

disconnection and miss what’s

green and thriving just ahead.