Day 100 – And Here I Am

If you had told me

I would keep up this routine

of exercise and

reach a benchmark of one hundred

days, I’d have asked if

you’d been drinking, but that day

has arrived and here I am.


A Sad And Sacred Watch

We knew the time was

getting close when our beloved,

elderly cat, Elaine,

suddenly began seeking

out solitary,

dark, enclosed spaces to rest.

But in the end she

chose to die in the open,

curled up next to her

old dog friend, Toby, who kept

a sad and sacred watch.


Then And Now

There was a time when

the day grew dark and the wind

whipped through the trees, but

that time is not this

time, though the memory comes

slipping in. I won’t 

let it coil around me,

hissing its dark tales,

blinding me to today’s light

and softly swaying 

trees. Instead, I’ll allow it

to join me right here

as I lift my arms in thanks

for shifting times and weather.