A Shout-out To Leaf Rakers

Before leaf blowers

there were rakes, harder on backs,

easier on ears.

Raking affected only

the raker; blowers are hard

on everyone’s ears.

To leaf rakers everywhere,

I offer thanks and a cheer.


When Thanks Flows

On every other

day of the year, thanks flows forth

in the moment, but

on this day, preparation

is a must. Thought has

to be given to who, what,

where, and when to give

thanks. At last it is done; then

free-flowing gratitude comes.



Lesson Learned

That startling sound? 

a bird hitting the window.

That startling sight? 

a squirrel carrying it off.

Hoping I’m wrong, I

go out to check. Bird’s still there,

but in shock. I touch

its feathers gently.

It looks up. I speak softly,

then back off. It flies first to

the porch railing, rests

a while, gathers

itself, then flies off. Sometimes,

as the bird and I

discovered, first impressions

can be very, very wrong.



Driving Lesson

Stopped at a red light,

I grip the steering wheel hard,

worried I’ll be late.

All the gripping in the world

won’t make the light change

faster. What needs to change is

me. I sigh, let go, relax.


Compelling Conversation

Those two mourning doves

sat in the road before me.

Their conversation

must have been intense because

even as my car

drew near they stayed. Did they each

want to have the final word?