Heaven Sent

The first view I had

of today’s super blue blood

moon was this photo

my son took and sent my way.

So snagged was I by

earth concerns, I failed to see

 heaven’s gift high above me.



Tree Of Life

Outside my window

a pine tree grows – way station,

highway, haven, home 

of shy tree flowers who fade

into bark and branch;

colorful standouts, flapping

wings; high-flying squirrels,

dancing on outstretched limbs. One

large tree which they all

share. I greet them with a bow,

thank them for showing us how.



With Outstretched Limbs

The snow is gently

held by the community

of trees, and when it’s

time, one by one, they allow

the snow to go. Their

roots are firmly grounded in

the natural order of things.



Hard Traveling Man

Riding along in

his grouch mobile, feeling each

and every bump, he

wails and flails to no avail

until he runs out

of gas. That should have stopped him,

but he continues on fumes.



Day 100 – And Here I Am

If you had told me

I would keep up this routine

of exercise and

reach a benchmark of one hundred

days, I’d have asked if

you’d been drinking, but that day

has arrived and here I am.


A Sad And Sacred Watch

We knew the time was

getting close when our beloved,

elderly cat, Elaine,

suddenly began seeking

out solitary,

dark, enclosed spaces to rest.

But in the end she

chose to die in the open,

curled up next to her

old dog friend, Toby, who kept

a sad and sacred watch.