My Place

I put out the food,

but nature has the final 

say on who will dine

and when today. Woodpeckers,

squirrels, cardinals, and jays,

juncos, doves, and chickadees

all drop by and enjoy.


I am filled with delight

as I sit and watch and wait.


Blending In

Convinced fine dining

is for them too, these tiny

birds flit and flirt ’til

they spy a tasty morsel

unwary tourists

left behind. Then, zooming in,

they, with gusto, grab a bite.



A Magic Moment In July

Storms might be coming

but for now, sun and puffy

white clouds fill the sky.

Bees and butterflies flit from

flower to flower,

deer graze, squirrels scamper, crows

bicker, and I watch and rest.


Through Different Eyes

When I looked at that

fallen tree in our pristine

pond, I saw only

unwelcome debris, but when

those ducks looked, they saw

a welcoming shelter for

them and their duckling babies.