Entrenched Habits

Sometimes we think

 we’re well on our way

to a new destination

only to discover the path

 is longer than we thought.



The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowing In The Wind

What if every leaf

on every tree, has something

surprising to say ?

If we listened, would we float

on waves of natural wisdom

  or would we argue, gasp, and sink?


Open To Correction

All those mistakes we make aren’t wasted if

we begin to 

explore where

things went




We can focus on

the large surrounds of gray or

those few openings

where sun pours through or hold them

both in a much larger view.


The Sun And I

The sun – poking out from behind its clouds

and I from mine –

exchange a




National Bird Watch

Not that there aren’t eagles

out there, but it helps to know

if what you’re seeing

are soaring common crows or

just bewildered mockingbirds.