No problems tug at

my mind, no worries trouble

my heart, but I know,

given half a chance, my mind

will begin stirring stuff up.



Even as clouds start

to darken, sun-struck trees shine

with the shimmer of 

promise. When the storm has passed

they’ll embrace sun’s light again.



Pushing Up Daisies?

How to still the mind

when it’s convinced this mountain

must be climbed or this

problem pondered lest it be

seen as pushing up daisies?



Bird Wise

Before and after

sudden summer storms they sing,

showering us with

melody, showing us how

to cope with shifting weather.


Natural Inclinations

Another wild

roadside meeting between those

black-eyed Susans and

the blue bachelors – honestly,

you’d think they’d be more discreet.








Dancing Light

Before the moon can

even rise, the sky fills with

flirting fireflies –

flying sparks of dancing light

soften the slow creep of night.


Cat Calls

She is quite lovely,

our calico cat, but she

insists we look past 

her surface beauty to the

master complainer within.