Sky Watch

Dark clouds and light clouds

meet, vying for dominion.

The sky, watchfully

patient, murmurs to itself,

“I’ve seen this time and again”.


Morning Rush

Passing cars bring wind

to roadside grasses causing

them to bend and sway.

Nearby, the fields and trees rest

untouched by human hurry.


Ready And Waiting

Here I sit, mind as

blank as the page before me,

pen at the ready

should a wayward thought appear

looking for residence here.


Who Cares?

If your answer is

“I do”, then vote for someone

who, over time, shows

they care, not just for themselves,

but for everyone else too.


Squirrelly Matters

It wasn’t over 

the food ’cause there was plenty,

but there was a tiff

and while others serenely

dined, those two chased, leapt, and climbed.


And God Saw That It Was Good

“It’s good that I have

infinite patience,” God thought.

“Otherwise I would

have washed my hands of these folks

I created long ago.”


Not Now

At the break of day

an owl’s persistent question

begs to be answered.

I toss him the only coin

I have, “It’s not me. Not now.”


Singing In The Rain

The rain continues,

but the squirrels and birds don’t care.

They patiently wait

for the door to open and

for “she who feeds” to appear.


Dusk Becomes Herself

Undoing what was,

she slowly becomes herself.

She changes her name,

redoes some tattoos, finds her

voice, stands up tall, speaks her truth.