Ways And Means

If I feel my fear,

but don’t fight, flee, freeze or fold,

I will discover

resources I didn’t know,

ways that couldn’t be foretold.


All That I Survey

As I survey my

to-do list, I wish I felt

the sparkle I see

in early morning sun-light

dancing on lingering dew.


As We Make Our Way

As we make our way 

through thorny thickets, may we

remember to take

refuge in small clearings and

to celebrate sweet pickings.



Natural Selection

My mood needs to dance

with a different partner. I

pick that small, yellow 

butterfly and ask it to

teach me what fleeting things know.


Movers and Shakers

Caught in the draft of

cars speeding past, tall grass shakes

as its roots hold firm.

I ponder what speeding cars

and rooted grass have to teach.