Coloring Outside The Lines

Past resentments fade

and current irritations

vanish as I step

outside. A field of tiny

buttercups colors my view.


Still We Try

The solidity

of nouns, the fluidity

of verbs reflect a

mystery words can only

approach but never capture.



Grandmotherly Advice


You have a bad rep,

sweet dandelion. You should

not make yourself so

available. Playing hard

to get is a better bet.


                                                                                                         photograph by Kali Wells

                                                                                               (my granddaughter)

Silent Explosion

Now you don’t see it;

now you do – bursts of bloom on

bushes, trees, and ground.

The entrance, though silent, is

definitely not subdued.


A Kitten’s Vigil

She sits at her post,

watching all manner of birds,

squirrels, and people come

 and  go. I wonder what she

makes of all this busyness?




Sleep is tugging at 

my eyelids and pulling my

head down toward my chest.

 Something in me resists, but

nevertheless, Sleep insists.


The Show Goes On

Even when the day

is overcast, daffodils

and pansies, redbud

and forsythia, cherry

and pear, shine without the sun.