Vacation’s Gift

Days unfold without

hurry or worry and in

their slow openings,

I see synchronicities

I might otherwise have missed.


A Welcome Burst Of Light

Evening sun pours forth

redemptive light after days

of rain and regret. 

It’s amazing what a burst

of belated light can do.


Unseen Realities

Light from a distant

star in a galaxy not

yet known graces skies

unnamed. Just because we can’t

see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.


Afternoon Intoxication

Butterflies and bees

join hummingbirds at nature’s

green table. They play

musical chairs as they down

beauty’s bountiful brew.


Simple Pleasures

Late afternoon nap

on a rainy, summer day?

Perfect weekend bliss.

Someone else fixing supper?

Dreams are surely made of this.


Into Each Life

A week’s worth of rain

lies on the horizon. Let’s

seek out the sun in

ourselves and each other as

we learn to embrace the rain.


Because It All Matters

Spirit and matter –

let’s try to honor them both

in ourselves and in

others, in all that surrounds

us in this world we call home.