What Awaits

It’s not always safe

to be drawn to the light as

that moth learned when he

met the cat, yet maybe for

a few moments he found joy.


September Saturday

On this September

Saturday, even the crows

can’t find anything

to complain about until

they hear the soft dove sing.



Reclining outside,

I spot tiny bits of fluff

riding Saturday’s

lazy breeze and let my thoughts

meander, aimless and free.


Day’s End

Evening sun filters

gently through the trees, easing

us into the night,

bringing a task-filled day to

a diffuse and restful close.




Breath Work

As the wind gently

strokes the leaves, I give thanks for

the breath that moves through

 me, knowing I share this breath

with all of life’s creations.



To Each His Own

Those ducks must not have 

liked the lilting offering

of their lofty friends

because they quacked a few jokes

before they waddled away.


A Small Infusion

Those tiny yellow

flowers, undaunted by heat,

inspire me as

I walk, mindful of my wish

the weather were otherwise.