A Subdued Invitation

Many shades of brown

fill the woods, cover the ground

this non-vibrant fall,

inviting us to see what

we probably missed before.


Shameless Self Promotion

Looking for a gift –

a reminder of the joy

of simply being here?

Try this. It will bring smiles

to both author and reader.


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Navigational Intent

Starting where I am –

reactive in heart and mind –

I’ll actively say

yes (when I remember) and

mindfully move on from there.


Poe Me

I thought that raven

croaked, “Nevermore.”, but he’s back

with even more to

say. If I spoke raven I’d

tell him to fly, fly away.


Before First Light

I wrap myself in

silence and sit sipping my

just right cup of tea.

The day has not yet started.

I can catch up with myself.


What’s There

Sometimes what you see

is what you get. Sometimes it

isn’t. Only time

and circumstance reveal what

dwells behind exteriors.


Besides Getting Stuff Done

Household chores help me

unwind when unwelcome thoughts

grab ahold and bind.

Daily rhythms loosen knots,

help me groove to other thoughts.