In The Heat Of The Moment

I was so busy

complaining about the slow 

moving traffic, I

forgot to offer thanks for

 my air-conditioned car.



Full Strawberry Moon

Full strawberry moon –

best time to harvest wild

strawberries and dream

wild dreams. With mindful care

such moon-lit dreams bear sweet fruit.


His Way

That squirrel didn’t mind

going out on a limb to

get where he wanted

to go even though watchful

crows scolded him all the way.


Moving On

Graduation day

dawns bright with promise as they

begin their long walk,

each following their unique

path, into a complex world.


Each Moment

Even when the bloom

is off the rose, its fragrance

lingers, reminding

us that each moment has its

gift though none lasts forever.


From Here To There

It’s not a straight line,

this twisting path from knowledge

to wisdom. Often

it’s quite a convoluted

one as those who walk it know.


Dance Music

The song for today

starts sad and slow, but soon some

 lively notes appear.

Hearing them, I tap my feet,

glad to move to this new beat.