Learning How

My soul longs for peace,

but it seems there are some things

my ego has to

learn first – like how to let soul’s

longing guide my behavior.


Retreat Center

Plenty of reasons

to worry, but my body

is at peace so when

my mind starts its spiel,

I’ll listen from my center.




with no deliberation,

a belly-centered

peace visited me today.

I invited it to stay.


Lyrical Sightings

The rushing stream sings

of all it has seen and all

it might see ahead.

The trees nearby join in. Though

rooted, they’ve seen plenty too.



After Christmas

The silence lingers

except for soft whisperings

suggesting secrets

carried on the shifting breeze.

The sun smiles knowingly.


No Lag Time

Looking around for

any available friend,

Knox spots a squirrel

and off he goes, dragging me

reluctantly behind him.


Au Contraire?

Never say never

is an oxymoron if

I ever heard one,

but even oxymorons

can sometimes be of comfort.



Too bad there are no

“Wrong Way, Do Not Enter” signs

at life’s choice points…or

maybe there are, but we 

sometimes choose to ignore them.



Alone, But Not

A late evening walk.

smell of woodsmoke, memories

of fire, family,

friends, cups of hot chocolate –

a deep comfort, sweet and warm.