Erratic April

On this cold, windswept

day, it’s hard to remember

May’s not far away,

but the cherry and dogwood

offer gentle reminders.


Morning Joy

Drove past golden fields

of buttercups offering

a wealth of pleasure –

nature’s gift, freely given,

asking nothing in return.


Knox Channels Rhett Butler

I told Knox squirrels

were nothing to woof about,

that, like birds, they come

and go. His answer? – “Frankly

my dear, I don’t give a woof.”


Sunday Stroll

The crunch of gravel

beneath my feet, bird song in

the air. A distant

rooster crows. Cows loudly moo.

Knox barks at squirrel. My soul sings.


It’s The Small Things

Tiny flowers dot

the lawn in shades of purple,

blue, white, and yellow,

reminding us you don’t have

to be big to be noticed.


A Sweet Start

An unexpected 

gift of time allows me to

begin the day more

slowly, to linger with doves,

cardinals, and jays as they dine.