On This Point

They are right, you know.

Mental health is the issue.

Who in their right mind 

would sell civilians assault

rifles and who would buy them?


Day 162 – Fortuitous Delay

The delayed school day

was an opportunity

for me to work out.

Both the kids and I give thanks

for a more leisurely start.


I Listen And Learn

Each time the rain stops,

the birds fill the air with song.

I listen and learn.

Let the rain have its full beat

and, in time, I’ll have mine too.


Teachings Of Trees

In this sparse season

leafless trees stand, limbs outstretched,

rooted and waiting.

What was has fallen away.

What will be has not yet come.


Morning Meditation

When I consider

how quickly the morning frost

fades beneath sun’s warmth.

I pause and send my patches

of frozenness compassion.




February Magic

Though I’m old and it

is cold, seeing winter grass

glisten in morning

light stirs something warm and young

in me and I glisten too.