It’s The Small Things

Tiny flowers dot

the lawn in shades of purple,

blue, white, and yellow,

reminding us you don’t have

to be big to be noticed.


A Sweet Start

An unexpected 

gift of time allows me to

begin the day more

slowly, to linger with doves,

cardinals, and jays as they dine.










Through All Kinds Of Weather

Forsythia’s joy 

can’t be quenched, not even by

this sudden downpour.

Its golden branches greet all

that comes with a welcoming wave.


A Story Untold

Someone must have loved

this place, so full of blooming

daffodils, but now

the house, long vacant, crumbles

and no one’s around to care.


Be Careful What You Sing For

“Rain, rain, go away,”

I sang and it did, but what

came was snow, not sun.

I guess I should have been more

specific with my lyrics.



Sleep Speaks

Tonight as I try

to write, sleep tugs at my pen.

“Get some rest,” it says,

“and tomorrow you might have

something worthwhile to say.”


A Warm Welcome

The early morning

is filled with song as the birds

greet the rising sun.

They too must be glad to feel

the warmth of its golden light.


Fresh Start

Like wild berries,

translucent raindrops hang from

Japanese maple.

It’s amazing what finding

 new environments can do.


Knox’s Not-So-Gentle Nudge

Whining doesn’t work

so I try a few sharp barks.

Maybe she’ll look up

and see this sunny day is

ripe with possibilities.