A Question Worth Asking

If we succeed in

eliminating all with

whom we disagree,

does that mean we’ll have gotten

rid of our higher selves too?


The Trips They Take

An unaccustomed 

quiet descends as grandkids

journey – some far, some

close to home and some only

in the regions of their minds.



Zent Over The Edge

I got a zen phone

hoping its technology

would be zen for me,

but koans didn’t bring me

the zen I was looking for.


Those Webs

Caught in a web of

complaints, waiting for spider’s

bite, I suddenly 

see – the web is of my own

making and the spider’s me.


To An Unknown Mower

Today I give thanks

to you who let those bachelor

buttons stand. You knew,

in our quest for order, we

 can still honor wildness.


Parental Innocence

We’re eager to hear

our little ones’ first word,

not realizing then

that the day will come when they’ll

insist on having the last.