Circular Motion

Round and round she goes,

this kitten, chasing her tail,

and even when she

momentarily grabs on,

it’s not for long, much like us.



A Different Kind Of Holding

I held back, didn’t

try to fix – just asked myself

and them, “What can you

do to make it more likely

you will find peace or delight?”


Answer To An Unspoken Prayer

Sometimes an answer

comes before a request is

even made – like when

I didn’t know where to turn

and suddenly you were there.


No Small Matter

What if what we are

so frantically searching for

can be found within

and what if once we find it

we see its glow everywhere?


It Doesn’t Take Much

A small adjustment,

that’s all it takes – a tiny

shift of focus from

rose to thorn, from thorn to rose

and you’re in a whole new world.


Would That It Could

What if it all comes

down to this – learning to find

one simple thing each

day to be grateful for? Could

that possibly be enough?


Head To Head

I’m trying to think

in terms of “getting to”. but

“having to” raises

its stubborn head and hisses

convincingly in my ear.