Fortunately, There’s Tomorrow

A day when the dog

ate all the cat food, the bank

changed its hours for

maximum inconvenience,

and I failed to transcend.



Naught For All

Zero, that moment

of empty fullness, of full

emptiness, gathers

lightness and weight, anchors us

to the ever-present now.


Day 64 – Just Because

Just because it was

easy yesterday doesn’t mean

  it will be today.

Each day has its own mix. Some

are easier than others.


Can He Not See?

How can he not see

the irony in throwing

out paper towels

to those who already think

he’s thrown in the towel with them?


Oh, The Places I Will Go

Sometimes if I speak

my thoughts out loud and listen,

I really have to

shake my head in wonderment

at the places thoughts can take me.


(With apologies to Dr. Seuss)

Who Knew?- Day 51

I never thought I’d

see the day when I stuck to

any exercise

routine this long, but I have

and, in truth, it’s not been bad.