Breath Work

As the wind gently

strokes the leaves, I give thanks for

the breath that moves through

 me, knowing I share this breath

with all of life’s creations.



To Each His Own

Those ducks must not have 

liked the lilting offering

of their lofty friends

because they quacked a few jokes

before they waddled away.


A Small Infusion

Those tiny yellow

flowers, undaunted by heat,

inspire me as

I walk, mindful of my wish

the weather were otherwise.


An Evening With Carol Burnett

As laughter filled our

throats and shook our bellies, we

met on the solid

ground of connection and checked

our differences at the door.


Summer’s Gifts

The shift to summer

comes with many gifts. School’s out

and the rising heat

will give everyone something

different to complain about.


Advice To Self

In a world filled with

chatter, seek a quiet place

for the soul to speak.

Don’t be quick to answer. Just

open your heart; listen deep.


In The Heat Of The Moment

I was so busy

complaining about the slow 

moving traffic, I

forgot to offer thanks for

 my air-conditioned car.