Tug Of War

One part of me says

hurry up, another part 

says slow down. When I

protest I can’t do both, they

both just pull that much harder.


Epicurean Assessment

After surveying

the spread of a new kind of

birdseed and cocking

their heads questioningly, birds

(and squirrels) pronounced it ok.


As We Move Forward

Let’s say a tender

goodbye to the joys and ills

of the last decade.

May we embrace the lessons

learned and the blessings received.


Gift Exchange

A warmer climate

of the heart accompanied

by a cooler head –

a much needed gift we each

could give to the world this year.


At Our House

At our house it’s not

silent night although maybe

when the kids depart

quiet will again descend,

but for now it’s noisy joy.



More Shimmy Than Waltz

On the pond’s frozen,

fractured surface sunlight danced.

We stood in silence,

enjoying the sparks that flew

from sun’s encounter with ice.


Long Journey Home

Silently they move

toward the Bethlehem of our

hearts- these yearnings for

a new testament of love.

May they find a dwelling place.