Jimmy’s Take

“The dirt was enough

and the grass and those leaves” barks

my persnickety 

 dog, Jimmy, ” but now there’s this

cold, white, sticky stuff – puh-lease!”


Snow Glow

It’s the beauty, yes,

but also it’s the promise

of much-needed rest

that brings a glow to blanched cheeks

and a sparkle to dulled eyes.



Dark Doings

When I stepped outside,

sky and trees exploded with

crows and their complaints.

 Who knows what the issue was,

but it was too big to tweet.


On Turning 76

I pause, I listen.

Is that the quiet approach

of wisdom I hear?

Uh, nope. It’s just that endless, 

mental prattle that resides here.



In Passing

A flying line of

 winter snowbirds, departing

for a warmer clime,

give an airborne salute to

us grounded ones left behind.


Opening Remarks

In soft morning mist,

 sun slips across cloud-streaked skies,

stilling night’s shivers –

nature’s subtle suggestion

that we spread, not cold, but warmth.





To her retire

means getting new tires and

continuing on

her habitual road of

doing what she trained to do.