Testy Testing – Day 17

School starts back – yes, I

know it’s August and early.

It’s a real test to

continue my practice, but

I will do my best to pass.




In Between on Day 16

Like any practice,

spiritual, physical, or

mental, some days are

easier than others. This

one fell somewhere in between.


Fitness Slog – Day 13

Some days I have to

grit my teeth and carry on. 

Maybe with practice

I can leave off teeth gritting

and simply carry on.


Saving Grace

Heading for the beach,

the five of us – three teens, one

midlifer and one

geriatric – lucky for

me, they’re all on their cell phones.


Tomorrow we’ll be

joined by one more teen and two

very young adults.

I’ll do then what any wise

elder would do – sip some wine.


Curtain Call

After the sun slips

beyond the horizon, but

before starlight fills 

the sky, we stand and listen

as then and now and when call.





And On Day 6

I know it’s not all

in my mind, but still I find 

it strange, that in so

few days, with so little work,

I feel a whole lot better.




Journey Begun

It wasn’t something

I planned to do, but I may

have finally stumbled

(some would say I was guided)

toward a path that I can walk.