Aging In Place

That old grey vine

has lost its green

and is now one

with that old tree.

I have become

both tree and vine –

solidly rooted,

 with this land entwined.


Different Strokes

Undeterred by rain falling

lightly on their bent backs

deer quietly graze.

I sit inside content and dry,

disturbed only by

the pleading whine of Knox,

begging to join them.



Taking Flight

On my imagined butterfly wings

I toured blossoms and leaves. 

sailed past some deer,

encountered a few hummingbirds,

dodged some bees,

and met an overly friendly dog named Knox,

all on this lazy Sunday afternoon –

a perfect day for my flight.


In The Midst of Such Abundance

I couldn’t ask for

 anything more than to be held

by this land, its critters,

this family, these friends,

these two cats and this dog,

but sometimes, humanly enough, 

I do.