Seasonal Play

Autumn tones down its act,

preparing for

Winter’s somber show.




Navigational Intent

Starting where I am –

reactive in heart and mind –

I’ll actively say

yes (when I remember) and

mindfully move on from there.


Poe Me

I thought that raven

croaked, “Nevermore.”, but he’s back

with even more to

say. If I spoke raven I’d

tell him to fly, fly away.


Cold Fare

Unimpressed by frost’s

cold kiss, deer gather for their

misty, morning meal.


Before First Light

I wrap myself in

silence and sit sipping my

just right cup of tea.

The day has not yet started.

I can catch up with myself.



A fine lad was Jimmy.

He relished every bite of food,

this dog of strong preferences,

but when Toby joined our pack,

he took his treasured dog biscuit 

and dropped it at his feet.

Though disdainful of the great outdoors,

he gladly walked with Toby.

 and once we even saw him bless

a bunny with some licks.

His bark was fierce,

but his heart was gentle

and gentle was his passing.