The discomfort of

not knowing,

the impatient desire

to finally arrive

at an answer,

a solution,


Oh, the human folly

of it all when

here, now, right before us,

the sun ignites the trees

with green fire

and the squirrel scratches

his head in astonishment.


Early Show

Leaping from rail

to branch to trunk,

squirrels perform

their acrobatic routine.

The jays are not impressed.



So Close

After endless days

of heat and rain

come cooler days 

and smiling sun.

Fall’s around the bend.















Persistent Visitor

I don’t know what it is

about this place

that the toads seem to trust, 

but when I opened

the door for the cat,

her toad friend hopped in.

The next thing I know

he’ll probably request

a tonic with gin.



All Set

As I come and go

that field of bright sunflowers

smiles back at me.