After a busy day

rain’s gentle melody

soothes a work-worn soul.



The Field Within

The field within lies empty

waiting for something to sprout.

The growth that will come

was not consciously planted,

but I know the seeds are there.

In time I’ll know

what to weed and what to keep.




Full Strawberry Moon

Full strawberry moon –

best time to harvest wild

strawberries and dream

wild dreams. With mindful care

such moon-lit dreams bear sweet fruit.


Rather Than…

Rather than seize the day,

let’s greet it with an open heart,

cognizant of what we bring.


His Way

That squirrel didn’t mind

going out on a limb to

get where he wanted

to go even though watchful

crows scolded him all the way.


More Than A Glance

We exchanged a look,

that fawn and I,

and met in a sacred space

of mutual curiosity.



Those Trees And Me

I don’t know how long

those trees have stood together.

They were here long before I arrived.

Neither do I know the many 

comings and goings they’ve seen 

nor how much they’ve weathered.

 I have been witness to

 the community of creatures

who, like myself,

have found shelter upon

and beneath their welcoming limbs.

Though there’s much I do not know,

I know enough to offer thanks.

.                                                                                        JDG