Granddaughter’s Delight

“Look, Gaba,” she said,

“our first butterfly this year.

I hope she finds things

to her liking and lingers

long enough to bring

more cheer.” Then seeing her light

on a purple bloom,

she smiled, saying, “She’s found

a way to dispel the gloom.”


Dance Music

The song for today

starts sad and slow, but soon some

 lively notes appear.

Hearing them, I tap my feet,

glad to move to this new beat.




Questioning Climate

What if

we spent as much time

 humanely solving problems

 as we spend

insanely denying them?



Green Visitation

Driving past woods bright

with new green, I felt a surge 

of newness too. Though

I know it won’t be long til

all this passes, I’m here now.