Erratic April

On this cold, windswept

day, it’s hard to remember

May’s not far away,

but the cherry and dogwood

offer gentle reminders.



The sun darts in and out

from behind the clouds,

one minute gold,

the next minute gray –

life in fast motion.


Morning Joy

Drove past golden fields

of buttercups offering

a wealth of pleasure –

nature’s gift, freely given,

asking nothing in return.


Soft Surrender

For a moment, on this busy day,

I pause and simply look.

Those deep purple Iris

shining in the sun

ask for nothing,

warm my heart,

slow me down,

let me stay,


Knox Channels Rhett Butler

I told Knox squirrels

were nothing to woof about,

that, like birds, they come

and go. His answer? – “Frankly

my dear, I don’t give a woof.”


Mother Trees

Mother trees hold

baby green leaves

tight and tenderly

much as they once held

the child me who sought

play and refuge among

their supportive branches.

.                                     JDG

True And…

“You can’t stop the waves,”

the guru said, “but you can learn to surf.”

When I heard this many years ago,

I thought it made sense and I’d begin.

Little did I know how hard it would be

or how long it would take.

I’m still learning at seventy eight.



Some Of Us Are Slow Learners

Seventy eight years 

on the planet before

began to find

inner peace by

developing simple habits

of basic self-care.



Testing The Waters

Startled by a sudden noise, 

the first wild blue heron

to visit our pond this year

 made a quick departure 

leaving a wash of ripples 

in his wake. I hope

his first appearance

isn’t his last.