At Sea

Watching gulls fly makes humans

want to give it a try.

Tethered to speeding boats,

 on polyester wings

they rise and soar.

Full of bliss, they’re unaware

of bemused gulls

who shriek and stare.


Blending In

Convinced fine dining

is for them too, these tiny

birds flit and flirt ’til

they spy a tasty morsel

unwary tourists

left behind. Then, zooming in,

they, with gusto, grab a bite.



Could It Be?

Suddenly I heard

that gull call my name

as it plunged

into the depths 


Could it be

I have a namesake in the sea?


Old Friends

Together they weave

a blanket from the shared yarn

of stored memories,

wrap themselves in the comfort

of times past, warmly recast.


I Bask

I bask,

not only in the sun,

but in all I don’t have to do.

I choose

to walk on the beach,

listen to the waves,

sleep, eat, read, and rest.

I relish

this yearly gift

from my son and his wife.

I give




Off To A Good Start

It’s just us,

two introverts,

this first day of vacation –

a pure and quiet bliss.