Open Question

Standing before that

barely open door,

 I realize I too

am not completely closed

or fully open.

Should I view this as an oversight

or as an invitation?


Quantum Shift

She felt like a small particle

in his vast universe

until he turned and smiled.


What’s This You’re Telling Me?

I may say they started it

and maybe they did,

but after that

what I do with it

is completely up to me?

I have to notice

how my body feels?

what emotions come?

what thoughts arise?

And –

 even in the heat of things

I have to remember

what matters most to me?

And – 

I have to do these things


What are you selling here, my Guru friend?


Why should I buy it

when blame’s so available

and always quite cheap?








Caution: Speed Trap Ahead

If you don’t dot each 

and every “i”, the police

of punctuation

will charge you with negligence

or maybe reckless writing.



Winter Break

Before the leaves

bud with their bright Spring promise,

bare limbs stretch and rest.