Feeling Down, I Look Up

Feeling down, I look up

and see a single bird

in the early morning light.

I feel the ground beneath my feet,

hear the crunch of gravel as I walk.

The taste of coffee lingers in my mouth,

a scent of pine lingers in the air.

The senses soothe my fretting heart.

I open to the world and me.



What A Web


but strangely disconnected – 

modern paradox


Fast Dance and Slow

When the mind begins

a furious dance,

the breath can intervene

and with a deep

and measured  sigh,

 make space

for mind and body

to dance soulfully together.



Note To Unenlightened Self

Up and down,

round and round –

it’s time to get off

the misery-go-round,

leave this non-amusement park.


Amazonian Feat

They’re counting on us,

those trees who’ve given so much,

not to let them down.