On Turning 76

I pause, I listen.

Is that the quiet approach

of wisdom I hear?

Uh, nope. It’s just that endless, 

mental prattle that resides here.



In Passing

A flying line of

 winter snowbirds, departing

for a warmer clime,

give an airborne salute to

us grounded ones left behind.


Out Here

Out here where there are more trees

than people, out here where the pond reflects

the changing currents of seasons and days,

out here where the news is shared by barking dogs,

cawing crows, and cooing mourning doves,

out here where I can let my petty concerns fall away,

out here, I awaken, I look, I listen, I love.


Quick Change

The day slipped out of

its grey overcoat and donned

a golden sweater.


Weighty Matters

Trying to strike a bargain with myself.

What if for every five pounds lost,

 I gained one brand new book?

That should keep both my library

and weight in check.


Tech Gen

If left to their own devices, they would

ignore us and

remain on

them all



You Turn

Where there’s willingness

there’s also a way, but not

our usual one.