The Downside

We sit in comfort

in our air conditioned homes,

offices, restaurants, and cars

and find it easy to avoid

the hot button issue

of climate change.


A Noble Encounter

I wear my white hair

like a crown as I walk through

this kingdom of old age.

I don’t expect folks to bow down,

but I did offer my royal blessing

to that young man who, unasked,

lifted a heavy carton from my cart

and placed it in my waiting carriage.


Timing Matters

Even though Knox has to go out,

a walk in Virginia’s noonday, summer sun

is never much fun.

I’ve tried to explain to him

timing is everything, but

he looks at me perplexed.

“Mom,” he seems to say,

“you should know by now

that when you’ve got to go,

you’ve got to go.”

My aging self nods… knowingly.


Brief Encounters

The only other

creatures Knox and I met

on our rainy walk today

were small flying ones –

tiny moths and one lone female cardinal.

The day lilies waved

a golden greeting to us all.