All the other blooms

have surrendered their color,

but one bloom clings to

 its former glory. Still, each

is lovely in its own way.



Here And Gone


In these stress filled times

sometimes a coherent thought

crosses my mind,

but I’m too weary

to pursue it.



Just Curious

As the sky darkens

and the winds begin to blow,

Knox stops and looks up,

sees a soaring hawk and seems

to say, “Why all the ruckus?”


Guide Dog

Sometimes it’s hard to

shake the blues, but a short walk

with a puppy who

discovers wonder in a

broken stick, a fallen leaf helps.


True Seeing

He saw the anger

in her eyes, but he did not

turn away. He stayed,

looked deeper, saw the sadness,

reached out, embraced all he saw.


Autumn Welcome

Rain soaked fallen leaves

line my path –

Nature’s red carpet.


Small Step By Small Step

Puppy training’s marked

by small gains and my training

 is too. Together

we’ll work, knowing the path may

 be long and the going tough.



Knox Speaks Up

He groans and says, “I hope

she’ll catch on

and drop this

puppy training stuff.”

Then, with a sigh,

he plaintively asks,

” But what’s a poor dog to do? “