The Return

They lived their lives in

a lofty place, but now those

once green leaves, shriveled

and brown, lie on the ground close

to the roots from whence they came.


Love In The Time Of Zoom

In a world of instant connection,

this group of women, who have challenged

and nurtured each other over many years,

value modern technology and cherish

the old-fashioned, slow interweaving

of their lives and hearts.



Woofing It Up

Molly and Knox, out for a walk,

 met on our winding country road.

 It was play at first sight.

They romped and rolled,

barked and bowed,

tail-waggingly glad

to have found each other.


Here, Now, This

Small boy and his puppy

splash through puddles.

Pink climbing rose

glistens with rain drops.

Gray days don’t  have to be dreary.

It’s our minds that make them so.