I’m done with all this doing!

I’ll set aside those endless

chores and give

my hands and mind a rest.

I’ll  step into the Sabbath sun

and loiter ’til  I’m finally done.



Dissembling Dog

His eyes look up at me

as he gives a soft whimper.

“Please open the door,” he pleads.

“I have some business to do outside”

“Does it have to do with squirrels? ” I ask.

He shakes his head, but we both know

he wants to give the squirrels a chase .

He really doesn’t have to go.




Mindless Mammalian Struggles

In a yard littered with sticks,

Knox and his dog friend

 claim the same stick

and refuse to let go.

In a lot where empty

parking spaces abound,

two humans claim

the same parking place 

 and both refuse to budge.

Scarcity mindsets in the midst 

of abundance or 

senseless manifestations of dominance?

Who knows?  But unlike the humans,

Knox and his friend

seem to enjoy the game.


It’s Not A Test

Each evening when 

almost all the seed is gone

and only a kernel or two remain,

the same plump bird comes

and finishes what is left.

Can birds be obsessive-compulsive too?

Or maybe I’m wrong and it’s not

the same bird, but right or wrong

that bird brings me pleasure,

and on that note I’ll rest.


Worry And Me

Worry came knocking today.

I invited her in as Rumi had suggested,

and offered her a cup of tea.

She refused the tea and began

wandering through the house.

She saw problems everywhere.

“What about this?” she asked; “What

about that?”. Finally I suggested

we take a walk and let Knox lead the way.

So we walked and she talked. I watched Knox

sniff the ground and run around

find some sticks and run and play.

By the time we got back home,

Worry waved goodbye, saying

she’d return some other day.