A Good Catch

When asked to comment

on the hateful words

of another, he simply paused,

reflected a moment, and said,

“I’m not a master fisherman,

but I know bait when I see it,

and I’m not gonna take it,” 

showing us all a way to respond

with integrity and grace.



Through Different Eyes

When I looked at that

fallen tree in our pristine

pond, I saw only

unwelcome debris, but when

those ducks looked, they saw

a welcoming shelter for

them and their duckling babies.


Attention Please

Against a landscape

ripe with green, my red leaves

boldly proclaim 

beauty comes in many colors.




From Here To There

It’s not a straight line,

this twisting path from knowledge

to wisdom. Often

it’s quite a convoluted

one as those who walk it know.


Spacious Holding

A sunlit morning, yet dark clouds hover.

The sky holds both

clouds and sun.

So must



A Golden Promise

Even though it looks like rain

and a big storm is on the horizon,

those buttercups keep on smiling,

offering reassurance that no storm,

 no matter how big, lasts forever.


Awash In Magic

Amidst Spring’s green swell,

the spill of wisteria

casts a purple spell.