With Will And Willingness

Across the divides

of gender, race, religion,

nationality, and politics we 

could build bridges constructed,

bit by bit, of small acts

 of respect and kindness –

bridges strong enough

to hold the weight of

our heavily burdened pasts.


Ah, Those Inner Boulders

Sometimes an inner boulder

gets in our way.

Yelling does no good, but if

we could sit with it long enough

we might see it for what it is

and what it could become –

a sign,

a sculpture,

a building block,

or all three.


By The Roadside

A tiny deer lies dead among bright

bachelor buttons –

a bleak sign of our hurried times.


Unknown Visitor

A long legged bird

came calling today,

one I’d never seen before.

Was it an emergency landing

or just a brief pit stop?


Puzzling Matter

Even when we die,

the ever-morphing puzzle

of identity

will not be complete.

Those who follow 

will put the pieces

 together, first one way

and then another,

as they too grow and change.




I sit and listen.

My grandkids hold forth

with facts garnered from TikTok.

I experience the simple joy

of connecting without comment.


Not Now

At the break of day

an owl’s persistent question

begs to be answered.

I toss him the only coin

I have, “It’s not me. Not now.”


All Shook Up

It’s gotten to be

the new normal,

these sudden

afternoon storms.

Is this nature’s way

of telling us,

she’s tired

of being exploited?