In Memory Of Junie Myers

She always found a way,

even on the darkest of dark roads,

to bring light, love, and laughter

to the journey. She walked with us

through really rough patches

when the winds were howling

and lightning filled the air.

And when the sun broke through

or the full moon rose,

she was there too – sharing

a funny dog video or an inspiring tale.

It’s hard to imagine walking

without her by our side,

diet coke in hand.


Real Change

All those “W’ questions;

 who, what, where, when, and why

can help us see more clearly

and with right action 

 make real change possible.



Knox, Loyal And True

After he lurched in pursuit

of I don’t know what

and caused me to fall

and drop his leash,

he dropped his pursuit

and lay down beside me

His eyes said,

“I’m sorry, Mama”.



The Clock Is Ticking

Not for a grade,

not for money or fame,

but for fun, for pleasure,

for the joy of creating,

these young tiktokers

make their one minute shows.

The clock is ticking. 

Something is right with the world.



When I Grow Weary

I look to all that’s green,

to all that’s flowering,

and find encouragement there.