For a quick test of

spiritual development

or mental health, try

filling out a form designed

by government bureaucrats.


3 comments on “FYI

  1. Talking about bureaucrats, I am tempted to narrate a very humorous story absolutely true . In an Indian state, quite a few decades ago prohibition was in force, but people could still buy alcohol for personal consumption buy getting a permit, for which one could apply by filling up a form, which of course was in Hindi. To what ridiculous length the Hindi zealots in the bureaucracy went can be seen from the following example. The application form read something like this:
    (1) Instead of the usual “Name of the applicant” in English, it read:”Sharabika Naam” in Hindi, which literally meant ” Name of the drunkard”!
    (2) Instead of “Name of applicants father” it read:”Sharabike Baapka Naam” meaning the name of the drunkards father.!……Need I say anything more?

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