Those Visitors Again

There they are again,

those unwanted visitors –

sadness, anger, frustration

and despair. They tug

and flail and shove. They moan and

groan and shout until

in desperation I try

something new. Instead

of trying to get rid of them,

I open heart and home and mind.

I sit and watch and listen.

  Caught off guard by this approach,

 they look at me distrustfully

and slowly slip away.



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5 comments on “Those Visitors Again

  1. It is interesting how when we lean into uncomfortable feelings, they tend to go away more quickly. Your verse expresses this idea so well.

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  2. Glenda Kotchish says:

    The small piece
    Of litter on the street
    Took my anger
    A tiny shift in focus.

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  3. So very true Joan! They know where we live and they know where our achilles heels are. Great post! 🙂 ❤

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  4. Such poignant lines… beautifully expressed.

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