Questions For The Electorate

Just imagine if

there were a magical switch

and Trump’s words and his

manner of delivery

came from a female 

and Clinton’s from a male? What

 if they belonged to

no political party?

How would they then be assessed?


3 comments on “Questions For The Electorate

  1. Excellent question. Check out fellow WP blogger, nananoyz’s posting on that topic.

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    • Joan says:

      Thanks, LuAnne. I did go to nananoyz’s post and loved it. I did a little research and the author of the quote is Michelle Vitali and the image and pink framing was done by Sarah Lynn Michener. I understand it has gone viral.

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      • Yes, I have seen it on Facebook from several of my friends. It seems like there is a collective consciousness that shares the same feelings about Trump and sexism and racism and well all the other isms he adheres to. Maybe that energy will be enough to keep him out of office. My fingers are crossed when I am not out on voter registration drives 🙂

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