For Kodi On Commencement Day

As you step forward

to receive your diploma

and into the next

phase of your life, I have no

words of wisdom or

sage advice. What I have is

a memory of

wisdom you imparted long

ago when you were

just in kindergarten. Your

younger sister had

made a mistake and you took

her hand and said, ” That’s

ok, Sami. You’re little

and you’re learning.” In the years 

to come, may you find comfort

and encouragement

in your own wise  words as both

your sister and I have done.


10 comments on “For Kodi On Commencement Day

  1. What a beautiful re-gift for Kodi on her special day.


  2. Janie bowe says:

    Wonderful wise kind and true. Sounds like she’s a lot like you!


  3. A wonderful gift to Kodi from you and to all of us. I delight in the little things you’ve shared with me about Kodi…”Green means go” the little voice not 2 years old in the back seat of your car. And “People are weak”…so wise. Wishing her well. Glenda


  4. Elizabeth Bickford says:

    That’s just beautiful, profound and profoundly beautiful, Joan. Thank you for for sharing.




  5. Joan, a perfect gift for an outstanding granddaughter and sister. Congratulations to you both on a well-traveled journey together,


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