It’s Time (Chapter 3)

“Not wishing is hard,” I say.

“True.” says the small voice.

“Well, couldn’t I just start somewhere else?” I ask.

“That’s wishing in disguise,” smiles the small voice.

“You don’t have to be so darn cheerful about it,” I say.

“Wishing in disguise again. It’s surprising,

isn’t it, to discover the many faces wishing has.”

“Yeah, I guess,” I mutter, 

“and don’t say that’s wishing in disguise.”

“Well, maybe just a semi-disguise,” the small voice says.

“Is anything other than an unqualified ‘yes’ 

a form of wishing?” I ask.

“Good question,”says the small voice. “Bears pondering.”

“This is going to take longer than I thought,” I say.

“Yes,” says the small voice. “That’s why wishing is a good place to start.”

“What if all the undoing I do begins and ends right here?”

“Then you would have made an excellent beginning

and an excellent ending,” the small voice says.

“You talk in riddles,” I say, “but you’ve made me curious.”


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