It’s Time (Chapter 2)

“I don’t know where to begin,”

I say, “There’s so much.”

“Let’s begin slow,” the small voice says.

“Every day leave one small thing behind.

What can you set aside today?”

“I’ll have to think,” I say.

“Only big things like hurry and worry come to mind.

I wish I’d started sooner.”

“Maybe you could begin there,” the small voice suggests.


“With the wishing for what isn’t or wasn’t,” says the small voice.

“That doesn’t seem small.”

” True, but it’s what’s here now and it’s a start.”

“All right, I’ll start with what’s here now,” I say, 

wishing I had come up with something else –

like broccoli or…

whoops, let me set that wish aside and begin.


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