Virginia Trees And Us

Right now a few bend over in despair,

others hold onto the past,

many put out cautious feelers,

and some spring forward,

blooming with hope.


Mindful Lessons In Chaotic Times

Twice today, in two different places,

I saw two birds in the road.

The dove seemed to be resting, 

the Canada goose crossing,

but because of drivers’ watchful care,

both lived to fly another day.


A Whole New World

Feeling young and oh so cool,

readying to invite my first client

to teleconference with me,

I looked at the screen in shock.

 Old lady me stared back, looking perplexed

and anything but cool.


I wonder,

can teleconferencing hosts be photoshopped?


Mood Management

When I’m anxious 

or out of sorts,

if I get out pen and paper

I can write myself right again.


Grumbling Grackles

Those grackles came late to the feeder, left

all aflutter

when no food

could be 



can be

more like them

than we’d care to

admit, squawking when we find empty shelves.