Bird Call

I wonder if birds watch us

just as we watch them.

Would they classify us

according to those who

feed them and those who do not?

Mainly I hope they don’t

rely on the assessment

of some disgruntled crow.


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

With the holidays approaching

and family drawing near,

I’ve stocked up on some cardigans,

dusted off my tennis shoes.

Left to my own devices,

I don’t do so hot, but

 Mr. Rogers could inspire

 if I just dress the part.



Sabbath Walk

In the morning light

we walked, Toby and I,

 he with hip dysplasia

and I with a limp,

the trees shimmering

from last night’s rain.

We walked with gratitude

and lilting hearts.


The Story Line

My granddaughter says

she comes from a long line of sassy women,

but doesn’t know if it’s nature

 or nurture. What can I say

except that she’s covered either way.



Loaves And Fishes

Sitting in a restaurant,

having lunch with a friend,

feasting on laughter and stories,

I caught the eye of a woman

at a table nearby. 

She nodded and smiled.

As we were leaving, 

we exchanged a look and a smile.

” I enjoyed watching you two,” she said.

 ” I enjoyed your enjoyment,” I replied.

The man at her table cracked up.





Schooled By My Dog

Faced with the temptation to run free,

Toby took the high road and waited patiently.

The door stood open and he stood still,

hoping I would soon recall

we walk tethered

or not at all.