Seasonal Disorder

For just a moment

I thought I saw an apple

leave a tree and fly.

After that cardinal landed,

it looked back at me

as if to say, “Get a grip.

It’s not even apple season.”



Shopping for some fabric,

a do-over for worn window seats,

I suddenly think of couch and chairs,

the rug, the floor, and even the walls,

all in need of a do-over too.

So overwhelming –

not the ever-expanding task,

but the unexpected surge of feeling,

  the sharp realization

that the one doing the do-over

needed to be done over too.





June Joy

A warm summer breeze

tickles the leaves, makes the pond

shimmer with laughter.


Guru Extraordinaire

My new guru taught

by example today.

When feeling overloaded,

just shut down, take a rest.

 You can warm up later

after you restart.

Oh noble clothes dryer,

you brought enlightenment,

and I didn’t even have to leave home.





Moving On

Graduation day

dawns bright with promise as they

begin their long walk,

each following their unique

path, into a complex world.


The Question Remains

When we find

what we’ve been

 searching for,

what will we

 do with  it?


Lofty Findings

Scouring the sky

for answers, I find only

shifting clouds and crows.