One Tree

One tree,

leaves of many colors:

 natural harmony.







Carpe Diem

Let us begin now,

while we have the chance,

to build a more perfect union.

Let’s set aside small differences

and when the differences are large,

let’s find a way to bridge them civilly,

remembering each and every one of us

wants to matter and each and every one of us

does matter. May we find the will to make a way.


Light Exchange

Woman in a Trump Caravan

catches my friend’s eye,

smiles and gives two thumbs up.

My friend smiles back,

gives two thumbs down.

Back and forth they go,

thumbing and smiling,

til the caravan moves on.


The Big Picture

Daily walks with Knox

interrupt my narrow focus,

help me find a broader view.


Did We Have The Constitution?

What will the results show

when all the votes are counted?

Did we the people

have the constitution to

vote “to form a more perfect union.

establish justice,

ensure domestic tranquility,

provide for the common defence,

promote the general welfare,

and secure the blessings of liberty

to ourselves and our posterity”?


Small Acts

Feeding the birds,

watching them eat,

brings moments of peace

in troubled times.


An Innocent Invitation

He invited them to play,

this puppy of mine,

but the cats they

disrespectfully declined.

He backed off, then tried once more.

Come on, Ladies, you’ll have fun.

I’ll even show you how it’s done.

But all his efforts were for naught;

 hissing and huffing away they ran.

rejecting all the fun he sought.