Creature Comforts

Rise before six,

feed dog, cats, and birds,

walk with Knox,

fix breakfast,  solve Wordle

and Spelling Bee – simple acts,

encouraged by Knox, the birds, and cats –

a pleasureful way to begin each day.



Cardinal Pleasure

Before sunrise, when

the day is still and gray,

a flash of red appears

among the white blossoms

of a self-planted tree –

a dash of  color 

to carry through the day.


Morning Song

The awkward rhythm

of my aging walk is definitely

off, but my mood is not.

I”m here.

I can see the sun rise.

I can listen to my steps.

I can smell the wild honeysuckle.

I feel my feet on the ground.

I taste satisfaction.

I can walk.




I try

to tell them,

these early rising creatures,

that I prefer to 

lie abed until sunrise,

but they insist it isn’t wise

or even kind to delay

their meal times.




What Awaits

On the evening walk I didn’t want to take,

I saw daisies and buttercups,

was caressed by a cool breeze,

spotted a soaring hawk,

met nice neighbors,

smelled sweet honeysuckle,

listened to birds

bid each other goodnight.

Knox simply wagged his tail,

feeling no need to say I told you so.



Evening Invitations

I feel sleep reaching

out to me, inviting me

to close my eyes and rest.

Before I can accept,

Knox nudges me gently,

and offers a counter invitation.

I respectfully decline.

He won’t take no for an answer

so off we go on a walk



Carried Away

Honeysuckle’s sweet smell 

casts a spell and suddenly

I’m six and pretending

to be drunk on its nectar,

staggering around with

other honeysuckle-drunk friends.