Can’t meet in Rumi’s 

field when a wall of harsh words

restricts our access.


On The Stump

If trees could talk, I don’t think they’d raise their

voices in praise

of the way

we treat



Amidst It All, There’s This

Small yellow bird

drinks from fountain.

Young deer grazes nearby.

Bunnies hop across field.

Soft breeze ruffles leaves.

White clouds slide through sky.



Sky Watch

Dark clouds and light clouds

meet, vying for dominion.

The sky, watchfully

patient, murmurs to itself,

“I’ve seen this time and again”.


Layers Within

Within each of us

lies layers of lead

 and layers of gold

Let’s acknowledge the lead

and mine the gold.



Morning Rush

Passing cars bring wind

to roadside grasses causing

them to bend and sway.

Nearby, the fields and trees rest

untouched by human hurry.


Ready And Waiting

Here I sit, mind as

blank as the page before me,

pen at the ready

should a wayward thought appear

looking for residence here.


Reminder At The Edges

Silence softens the edges

of a stressful day . 

Slowly I become aware 

of the almost imperceptible sound

of the ticking clock –

a momentary disturbance,

a reminder of nothing

and something,

a reminder 

of life’s beating heart.