The Mix

The crunch of gravel,

the coo of dove, the caw of crow –

Monday morning melody.


What Toby Digs

Toby pawed the ground,

digging for something

only he sensed was there. 

He wasn’t dismayed

when he found nothing.

The joy was in the digging.



What Awaits

It’s not always safe

to be drawn to the light as

that moth learned when he

met the cat, yet maybe for

a few moments he found joy.


Breaking The Trance

Toby sits and looks at me,

dogged and reproachfully.

“Why stare glumly at that screen?

 We could be walking, sniffing 

 the ground. The birds are calling

and even the deer.  

Come on lady, walk with me.”

“Not now,” I say and then I thought

“If not now, when?  If not you, who? “

 Thus I woke up and we walked.