I Bask

I bask,

not only in the sun,

but in all I don’t have to do.

I choose

to walk on the beach,

listen to the waves,

sleep, eat, read, and rest.

I relish

this yearly gift

from my son and his wife.

I give




Off To A Good Start

It’s just us,

two introverts,

this first day of vacation –

a pure and quiet bliss.



Not Every Storm

Not every storm

is followed by a rainbow

though this one was,

and even though I found

no pot of gold,

that rainbow’s

reassuring presence

was enough.



At This Stage Of The Journey

What I need right now

is not a sign. I don’t even

need a map. I just need

enough fuel to get started.





Three Birds, Three Ways

Three birds,

three ways to end the day –


determined to solve the mystery;


making it cawfully clear he does not give a damn;

  wood thrush,

weaving his melody into the heart of things.




Front And Center

Glasses missing.

Keys gone astray,

and how the !#&!

do you block

spam callers anyway?!

Untempered by age,

temper’s ablaze.


Sorry, Higher Self,

Lower Self’s taken the stage.


Homage To A Butterfly

So lovely she was,

flying among the flowers.

A fallen beauty now,

she lies upon the ground,

her wings forever folded.