Worth Noting

Woke up this morning

to the beauty

and the bother

of the falling snow.

Decided to focus 

on the beauty

and ignore

the bother.

By early evening

both had mostly

slipped away.




We take for granted,

the beat of our heart, in-breaths

and out-breaths until

we’re challenged and gratitude

for those life rhythms flows forth.


Sound Paintings

Greeting the morning:

the clamor of geese,

the complaining of crows,

the cooing of doves –

such different takes on the same day.


Keeping Track

Four inches of snow,

hourly chime of the clock,

one cup of oatmeal,

the steady beat of the heart –

measures of this wind-swept day.



And So It Goes

Among the landscape

filled with glittering 

patches of snow,

the stench of skunk lingers.

Life is a mixed bag.