A Momentary Connection

I looked up

and, in the winter clouds,

I saw a face with smiling eyes –

a heartening encounter

so easily missed.



True Visionaries

They have the gift 

to look beneath

the surface and see

the beauty that lies

in others’ souls.


Like The Wind

The spirit of truth

rattles the gates,

announces its presence,

refuses to be shut out.


#AustraliaBushFires . . . Our children will bear witness

This elegant poem is from Earthschool Harmony via Purpleraysblog. May we all listen and act.


Be a witness:

We see you as your rain forest burns
ancient green lungs erupting into flame
we hear your anguished cries
the same ones mass media ignore
we will give a voice to the voiceless

We will be a witness

Greed and eco terrorism rule
trade deals and wealthy landowners
deal in secret handshakes and dirty money
genocide ecocide sabotage corruption and lies
human impact fuels the flames

We will be a witness

This holy green cathedral burns
sacred land and sentient beings fall
billions promised for bricks and mortar
the hypocrisy of government and religion
trying to blind us to the truth

We will be a witness

We each need to look within
reassess our individual greed
reassess our individual need
make change and take account
all living beings equal

We will be a witness

No fear only love
no violence only action
no longer blind we see

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Epicurean Assessment

After surveying

the spread of a new kind of

birdseed and cocking

their heads questioningly, birds

(and squirrels) pronounced it ok.


Gratitude Poem From Janet Cook

My friend, Janet Cook, made it a practice to write one gratitude poem a day for Advent. The poem below is a sample.


Grateful to Hear a Friend’s Sermon

From the pulpit, questions wise:

Whose are you? Please advise.

Fearful that my account is in the red

busily busy to avoid the dread

of knowing that there is more to do

as out-of-control checklist items accrue.

For Human Doings, there’s no end in sight,

stifling the present, dimming the light.

So stop to breathe – full, deep, and freeing.

The Spirit lives in a Human (just) Being.

                                                                         Janet Cook