Expressing Thanks

Thankfully the sun

is sharing warmth and light and

 the birds their many

songs. May we too share warmth,

light and song with each other.



Family Gathering

Grandkids return home

for Thanksgiving and Knox

looks pointedly at his leash.

Does he want a walk or

does he just wonder

what’s been unleashed?



To Each His Own

The rustling of many wings

fills the morning air 

as flock after flock flies south.

The pileated woodpecker 

doesn’t seem to give a peck. 

The male cardinal shakes his head.

The common raven gives them caws.

They’ll happily spend the winter here

and eat their meals upon my deck.






A Soft Start

Lying in the dark,

wrapped in silence,

I let the day come to me.

 No need to leap from bed

demanding the sun hurry with its light.

It will come soon enough, kiss my hand,

and invite me to the daily dance.


Night Natterings

They say the whole

is greater than the sum

of the parts, but they’re 

misquoting Aristotle who

said the whole is something

besides the parts. 

It seems that’s part of the problem

with words: they can lead us

down some rabbit holes.