Fortunately, There’s Tomorrow

A day when the dog

ate all the cat food, the bank

changed its hours for

maximum inconvenience,

and I failed to transcend.



What’s Cooking?

I stand on the rim

and looking into the pot

I’ve been stewing in,

I quickly hop down

and turn off the heat.



Sweet Alternatives

If we gave up the sweet satisfaction

of being right

and let ourselves feel instead

 the sweet satisfaction

of being,

would that be the end

of civilization as we know it?


On Day 70, I Give Thanks

Thank you, Coach Kozak

and HASfit for leading me

in something I’ll actually do.

I can honestly  say,

after seventy days, 

this work out 

is working out for me.


Fall Perfection

Drove northwest into

the waiting arms of Autumn’s gold –

not a leaf too soon.