The Tool Collector

In a neglected field

stands a decaying house

stacked with tools,

 some ancient, some new.

In one corner a skeleton sits.

The occupant had the tools,

but none of them were used.



Spring Greeting

Old green greets the new.

Blossoms beckon butterflies

beneath changing skies.


Silent Explosion

Now you don’t see it;

now you do – bursts of bloom on

bushes, trees, and ground.

The entrance, though silent, is

definitely not subdued.


Morning Practice

It all began with 

my morning cup of coffee.

I breathed in, offering thanks

for its warmth and smell.

I breathed out and noticed

the dog poop on the floor.

breathed in and noticed

its warmth and smell.

I breathed out and tried 

not to curse.

I breathed in and offered

thanks for all

pooping creatures everywhere,

but that was a stretch too far.

I breathed out 

and the mess in me got up

and greeted the mess in the room

with water, soap, and paper towels.




Spring Frolic

The yard is full of

flowers of softest blue. They

like to play there too.


A Kitten’s Vigil

She sits at her post,

watching all manner of birds,

squirrels, and people come

 and  go. I wonder what she

makes of all this busyness?



Holy Smoke

Two monks – 

one asks his abbot, “Can I smoke when I pray?”

The abbot says no.

the other asks, “Can I pray when I smoke?”

The abbot says yes.

The takeaway –

The answer we get

can depend on how we ask the question.