I thought I heard the trees

whispering among themselves:

“What humans really need

is a vaccine

for stupidity.”


The Hills Of Home

These rolling hills

cradle my heart

no matter the season.

I fall asleep each night

wrapped in gratitude.

I wake each morning

with a hymn of praise,

I go through my day held

by these rolling hills of home.






Last Rites

As those flowers fold

and fade, the sun offers warmth –

a final goodbye.


Mystery Meal

Alone on the rail

the cardinal takes his time.

No need to spar with

woodpeckers, squirrels,

or other cardinals.

A mourning dove watches

from a nearby tree

and ponders this peaceful mystery.


This is Eclipse…she makes everybody happy

From Purpleraysblog – a dog with real initiative


This is Eclipse. Every day she leaves her house, by herself, and takes the bus downtown to the dog park where she spends a couple of hours getting exercise and making friends, and then she takes the bus back home again. She even has her own bus pass attached to the collar.

It started when her owner, Jeff Young, was taking too long when the bus arrived, so she impatiently ran ahead and got on the bus by herself. The bus driver recognized her and dropped her off at the dog park, and later Jeff caught up with her. After several more trips by herself, Jeff started letting her go on her own, and she always comes back home a couple of hours later.

All of the bus drivers know her and she makes them smile, and many of the regular passengers enjoy seeing her every day and will often…

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Before I occupied my body

and watched that jeweled hummingbird

bury himself in a small blue blossom,

I was off somewhere,

lost in a cloud of concern.