Day 117 – No In-between

There’s no in-between.

Either I exercise or I don’t.

In a world of complexities, 

this is simply a matter

of yes or no.

Today was a delayed yes,

but nevertheless, it was still a yes.






Cold Call

Snow laden trees give

a sudden shiver, asking,

“Do you get my drift?”


Day 116 – Here I Am

I just keep on

keeping on and here I am –

one hundred sixteen days 

and still going strong.



Winter Invitation

In a matter of minutes

the world turned white,

 inviting us to look

at the old and see it anew.



Day 115 – Reboot

After a two day lapse, I’m back.

I know to pay attention

to what got in my way

and then begin again.


At Seventy Five

As I tread each year

with inexplicable faith,

the only thing I know

with any certainty

is life’s vast uncertainty.




Beyond building and giving

and doing lies a place of rest.

I might meet myself there.