What did the cherry

say to the forsythia?

Answer: “You may be

mellow yellow, but I am 

the one who is in the pink.”


(This is what happens when you have time on your hands)

Those Showerings

Even though there’s no wind,

not even a breeze,

I am showered with

small, white petals

as I start on my way.

Perhaps this is a reminder.

Even in these chaotic times,

small blessings are everywhere

if we but look.



Even in the midst

of devouring red,

of disintegrating black,

of stultifying grey,

we can hear the call of green.


Moody Monday

Wishing the rain would

wash away the mind’s debris,

water hope instead.


My Place

I put out the food,

but nature has the final 

say on who will dine

and when today. Woodpeckers,

squirrels, cardinals, and jays,

juncos, doves, and chickadees

all drop by and enjoy.


I am filled with delight

as I sit and watch and wait.