More Or Less

Even when we have enough,

do enough, are enough,

we still get caught in the grip

of wanting more –

more than ever, more than before,

more than that guy next door.

We really are such a mess.

We even want more

of wanting less.


Learning How To Walk

Yesterday on my walk with Knox,

I tripped and fell upon the grass.

Cushioned by its softness,

I lay awhile, grateful

I wasn’t injured and was

so gently held. As I grow older

and my sure-footedness shrinks,

I find steadiness in things like

the sweet smell of honeysuckle,

the softness of the grass,

the companionship of Knox.



Feeling Groovy

Seated in my chair

as groovy songs play, I shift

and sway, shimmy and kick, groan

and giggle and sing along.

Exercise isn’t just for the young.

I may be old, but I’m not numb.


Not Surprising

Not this and not that,

 not anything in between.

Not one thing suits 

when I’m tied in nots.

Not wit, not wisdom –

Writing in nots 

is all I got.