Love Abounds

Power outage.

Knox and I find refuge

 at son and daughter-in-law’s house.

Morning brings rude awakening 

when Knox, eighty pounds and rising,

bounds onto their bed

and showers them

with grateful kisses.



Though some surrendered

and fell, by afternoon trees

and bushes began

to shed the heavy burden

of beauty bestowed by snow.


Neighborhood Watch

It might be the strange weather,

but more feuds than usual

have broken out along the porch rail

 as squirrels and birds gather to critique

the day’s culinary offerings

and the cats watch, mesmerized.


Knox And The Door Opens

I try to tell him

I won’t be gone long, but Knox

begs to come along. 

With a sad-eyed stare and a few 

small whimpers, he knocks 

me over with his heartfelt plea

and bounds out the door next to me.