As I Watch

Wishing I could move

through life

with the grace

of birds

flying among

swaying branches

of leafy trees.



Nature Sings

Blackberry bushes,

magnolia trees, and daisies –

Spring chorus in white.


Worth Waiting For

Even though I know

the grandkids are humoring me,

I’m grateful they’re willing

to let me be me

and work with and around

 my frequently labeled

 neurotic tendencies.



Time Travelers

We’re here right now in this present moment

a small fraction

of the time.

The rest



time, we’re

adrift in

thoughts and feelings

that take us to non-existent places.


A Breath, A Breeze

It would be hot

if it weren’t for the breeze

gently rippling pond and leaves.

A breath, a breeze 

can soothe and ease

when we’re all hot

and bothered.


Inner Monopoly

All those chances to

practice patience, acceptance,

and calm abiding,

yet I seldom pass go as

I move backward, fail to slow.