Home Sweet Home

Murphy peers out from Knox’s crate

where she lies, ensconced,

purring with satisfaction,

having claimed right of occupancy.

 I don’t think his training includes

the peaceful resolution of differences,

but when he comes home, we’ll see.




Night Music

Rain’s pelting song

fills the night,

leaving no room

for the gentle refrain

of stars and moon.

Though we may prefer

a different concert,

this was the one we got.

Even without moonlit lullabies, 

  our dreams may still

 be sweet and deep.



Morning light 

on dew-soaked grass

calls me away

from mind’s endless chatter,

 places the world

at my feet.


The Gift Of Now

Driving through rolling green hills

beneath a sunny, blue sky,

relaxed and content.

What was is no more.

What will be has not yet arrived.

There’s only this generous moment.

It might have been otherwise.


(inspired by Jane Kenyon’s poem, “Otherwise”)

This And That

The morning starts slow.

I eavesdrop on talk between

the birds and the trees

as the sun tries to make up

its mind whether to shine or not.