Summer Hibernation

As the temperature

creeps toward ninety, we start to

creep toward air conditioned caves.



Those golden squatters

planted themselves

in the pots on my porch.

They knew to seize the clay

and not to wait

for me.


Zent Over The Edge

I got a zen phone

hoping its technology

would be zen for me,

but koans didn’t bring me

the zen I was looking for.


While Meditating

Our minds will stray, he said, but the moment

we notice that,

they’re on their

way back



( with thanks to Bodhipaksa of “Wildmind” )


A Moving Experience

Over thirty years of stuff,

 saved and tucked away,

has been drug out of hiding

and is now on full display

’cause in no time at all

 it’s office moving day.

The sorting quickly slips

into professional life review,

and, though tiring,

is filled with wonder too –

(“I wonder why I kept that.”

 “I wondered where that went.”

“I wonder when I wandered

from my first intent.”)

All this sorting helps me see

what mattered then,

what matters now,

what never mattered but I kept somehow.


 Moving into a smaller space

can have some big advantages.




Galloping Girl

At age seven I was

 Galloping Girl, rider

 of horses in moonlight.

Oh, they tried to reign me in

and for a while

I’d go by other names

 like Good Girl, or 

Helpful Sister. 

I even gave Lofty Intellectual

and Military Wife a shot,

but before long something

in me would break loose 

and before I knew it

I’d be out riding horses in moonlight again.

When the time comes

for that final ride, I hope 

I’ll gallop joyfully into that good night.






Those Webs

Caught in a web of

complaints, waiting for spider’s

bite, I suddenly 

see – the web is of my own

making and the spider’s me.