A bit of blue peeks through 

a sky covered 

with slow-moving clouds

of dingy white and gray.

I catch a glimpse

of what lies beyond,

a constancy

that will see me through.



A Natural Nudge

Caught in an inner storm,

I almost didn’t see

the sun’s scattering of gold

among the swaying trees –

nature’s shimmering reminder

that there’s more to life than me.



Something There Is…

Something there is about a mind

that doesn’t like to lie fallow.

From its fertile soil springs

all manner of confusing things.



Mixed Blessing

Following the storm,

clear skies and cooler weather –

our first taste of Fall.


Without Misgivings

I want to wrap my thoughts

in a cloud of unknowing

and sit with them for a while,

then, one by one,

I’ll unwrap them and see

what wrapping and unwrapping

can teach me.