A Poet’s Journey

Traveling down Beaverdam Creek Road, I

 realize there are

no beavers

here and


dam –

no creek

either. If

there’s deep meaning 

here, the poet in me should have found it.





Vital Necessity

Just think,

if we had not

had to find a way

to protect our exposed

skin, the clothing industry

would not have been born.

A constraint can be more than a complaint.

It can be a push to solve a pesky problem.


Just Yesterday

It seems just yesterday that tree stood bare

and now flowers

adorn her





Natural Inclinations

Another wild

roadside meeting between those

black-eyed Susans and

the blue bachelors – honestly,

you’d think they’d be more discreet.








Dancing Light

Before the moon can

even rise, the sky fills with

flirting fireflies –

flying sparks of dancing light

soften the slow creep of night.


What’s Within

A turtle doesn’t

sing a lilting song, but who knows

 what goes on within that shell?



Sabbath Blessing

In this emptied moment

I am full.

No throbs or twinges,

No searing pain.

No itches to scratch,

No hunger to feed.

In this emptied moment

 I am full.