Murphy Reaches Out

Extending her paw,

she gently touches my arm,

clearly wanting to connect.

“You stay too busy,” she purrs,

“Please put me on your agenda.”


Thank A Squirrel

Thank a squirrel.

The tree you see

may have come to be

because of a nut it buried

and then forgot.




Even the weather

can’t make up its mind –

one moment rain,

the next sunny skies.


Singing In The Rain

The rain continues,

but the squirrels and birds don’t care.

They patiently wait

for the door to open and

for “she who feeds” to appear.



I wanted to share this post from SEW1960 with you. She captures so well the complexity surrounding ” hurt”.


I hurt

like baby hurt

as in

I need mother’s milk,

Daddy’s shoulder.

The rest of the world

looks at me,


Can someone shut up that baby

or toddler?

I am the little girl

weeping in the closet

because I couldn’t tie my shoes

or lock the door.

I hold it all in

like everyone told me to do.

There are more important things

to weep about.

Have you not learned your lesson,

baby girl?

Learn what hurt means.

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Dusk Becomes Herself

Undoing what was,

she slowly becomes herself.

She changes her name,

redoes some tattoos, finds her

voice, stands up tall, speaks her truth.


An Opening

I open the door

to a gloomy day.

I stand and look

before I say,

“We’re a perfect match for each other.”