Hit Parade

Our dogs don’t whisper.

They sigh, paw, bark, and groan. If

necessary they

combine them all together

in a rousing song and dance.


Course Of Least Resistance

Caught in a net of

confusing feelings, she searched

for a way out. When,

at last, she stopped and took them

in, she watched the net dissolve.


Even Birds Have Their Limits

It might be hunger

or pure cussedness that drives

that squirrel to dangle

and try to reach their treat, but

those birds dive and say, “No way!”. 


Caution: Speed Trap Ahead

If you don’t dot each 

and every “i”, the police

of punctuation

will charge you with negligence

or maybe reckless writing.



Pants To Fill

With each passing year

I hope to become more like

the jeans I love to

wear – comfortable, long lasting,

and well, but gently, worn.


The Siren Calls

Our ever-present

cell phones connect us to what’s

not here, allow us

to escape the tedium

and wonder of the moment.