Grist For The Mill

Another gray start

of day. Find myself wishing

it wasn’t this way.

Notice the bright song of birds.

Decide to join them with words.


Inner Monopoly

All those chances to

practice patience, acceptance,

and calm abiding,

yet I seldom pass go as

I move backward, fail to slow.




For a quick test of

spiritual development

or mental health, try

filling out a form designed

by government bureaucrats.


The Poet Addresses The Lawyer

Among the many 

ways of looking at blackbirds

or anything else

curiosity without

judgement would serve us best.


( In celebration of two of Wallace Stevens’ roles )

Modern Marker

As the grandkids spoke

of BC, I suddenly

realized they were not

referring to ancient times

but to days before this March.




Even in these times

when the virus of fear spreads,

when uncertainty

lays its burdens on our hearts,

we still feel Spring’s sweet promise.


Cardinal Love

There they stand, those two,

side by side in the morning

rain as he feeds her.

Yesterday she stood alone

and did not eat. Now she feasts.


Toby Points The Way

On this shining day

Toby doesn’t look back on

what he should have said,

what he should have done. He basks

in the glow of today’s light.


A Great Belonging

Tiny buttercups

dare to bloom in the midst of

those towering pines.

Both share the same cloud filled sky,

are rooted in the same dark ground.



What did the cherry

say to the forsythia?

Answer: “You may be

mellow yellow, but I am 

the one who is in the pink.”


(This is what happens when you have time on your hands)