Cardinal Love

There they stand, those two,

side by side in the morning

rain as he feeds her.

Yesterday she stood alone

and did not eat. Now she feasts.


Toby Points The Way

On this shining day

Toby doesn’t look back on

what he should have said,

what he should have done. He basks

in the glow of today’s light.


A Great Belonging

Tiny buttercups

dare to bloom in the midst of

those towering pines.

Both share the same cloud filled sky,

are rooted in the same dark ground.



What did the cherry

say to the forsythia?

Answer: “You may be

mellow yellow, but I am 

the one who is in the pink.”


(This is what happens when you have time on your hands)

What’s Their Secret?

Those mourning doves dine

unperturbed by warring jays

and feisty squirrels.

Would that I could sit serene

amid life’s fuss and flurry.


Morning Announcement

The earth lay beneath

a misty blanket of fog

but birds and squirrels

were not deterred and let me

know breakfast could still be served.



Timely Reflection

The hours tick by

and before you know it, years

have snuck by with or

without your having done that

which you most wanted to do.