High And Low

Behind bare branches

the partial moon lights the sky.

I pause to look, but

Knox pulls me forward to see

what’s stirring in the bushes.



No Holding Back

Knox made his debut

at the dog park and asked each

dog he met to dance.

Not one to waltz, he boogied

 and shimmied his time away.



Epitome Of Grace

Even though many

were impatiently waiting,

she took the time to

listen carefully and help

each person when their turn came.



All the other blooms

have surrendered their color,

but one bloom clings to

 its former glory. Still, each

is lovely in its own way.



Just Curious

As the sky darkens

and the winds begin to blow,

Knox stops and looks up,

sees a soaring hawk and seems

to say, “Why all the ruckus?”


Guide Dog

Sometimes it’s hard to

shake the blues, but a short walk

with a puppy who

discovers wonder in a

broken stick, a fallen leaf helps.


True Seeing

He saw the anger

in her eyes, but he did not

turn away. He stayed,

looked deeper, saw the sadness,

reached out, embraced all he saw.


Small Step By Small Step

Puppy training’s marked

by small gains and my training

 is too. Together

we’ll work, knowing the path may

 be long and the going tough.



Fitness Incentives

It’s been a long time

since I did this much walking,

but it’s what keeps Knox

from devouring the couch

and me from losing my mind.