From Here To There

It’s not a straight line,

this twisting path from knowledge

to wisdom. Often

it’s quite a convoluted

one as those who walk it know.


Dance Music

The song for today

starts sad and slow, but soon some

 lively notes appear.

Hearing them, I tap my feet,

glad to move to this new beat.




Green Visitation

Driving past woods bright

with new green, I felt a surge 

of newness too. Though

I know it won’t be long til

all this passes, I’m here now.



Spring Dance

As the pond reflects

a calm abiding, redbud.

forsythia, and

cherry invite us to join

them in a lively spring dance.


Unreserved And Undeserved

I surprise myself

sometimes when I’m swept with an


wave of tenderness toward that

curmudgeon that lives within.


Something To Remember Them By

Frost on the windshield

reminds us Winter isn’t

ready to depart 

without an icy remark –

much like some cold folks we know.