A Warm Welcome

The early morning

is filled with song as the birds

greet the rising sun.

They too must be glad to feel

the warmth of its golden light.


Fresh Start

Like wild berries,

translucent raindrops hang from

Japanese maple.

It’s amazing what finding

 new environments can do.


Knox’s Not-So-Gentle Nudge

Whining doesn’t work

so I try a few sharp barks.

Maybe she’ll look up

and see this sunny day is

ripe with possibilities.



We take for granted,

the beat of our heart, in-breaths

and out-breaths until

we’re challenged and gratitude

for those life rhythms flows forth.


Keeping Track

Four inches of snow,

hourly chime of the clock,

one cup of oatmeal,

the steady beat of the heart –

measures of this wind-swept day.



Bow! Wow!

Joyously wagging 

his tail, Knox sniffs and samples

his first bit of snow,

likes the taste, comes back for more,

looks around – there’s snow galore.



Learning How

My soul longs for peace,

but it seems there are some things

my ego has to

learn first – like how to let soul’s

longing guide my behavior.


Retreat Center

Plenty of reasons

to worry, but my body

is at peace so when

my mind starts its spiel,

I’ll listen from my center.




with no deliberation,

a belly-centered

peace visited me today.

I invited it to stay.