The Full Spectrum

Too much light can blind,

too little and we can’t see.

In between too much

and too little there’s a world

full of possibility.


Doggedly Trying

This old dog has a

really hard time learning new

tricks. The metric system 

is hard enough, but now there’s

all this non-binary stuff.


Maybe This Time

Preparing to go

on diet seven thousand

and thirty two at

the start of the new year. As

they say, hope springs eternal.


Peaceful Demonstration

Cardinal and Blue Jay

dined side by side, red and blue,

this Christmas season.

Neither gobbled all the food

or flew home to tweet a mood.



Family Gathering

In preparation

for gift openings, grandkids

talk loudly and long,

leading me to seek refuge

in rebuttal, wine, and song.





Our Many-storied Lives

What’s the story here?

Who’s the story teller? When’s

the story told and 

to whom? – Critical questions

of our many-storied lives.




The Magic Of Snow

Why is it that snow’s

cold beauty can elicit

warm satisfaction

and bring smiles to the face

of a dour curmudgeon?