Not Now

At the break of day

an owl’s persistent question

begs to be answered.

I toss him the only coin

I have, “It’s not me. Not now.”


Singing In The Rain

The rain continues,

but the squirrels and birds don’t care.

They patiently wait

for the door to open and

for “she who feeds” to appear.


Dusk Becomes Herself

Undoing what was,

she slowly becomes herself.

She changes her name,

redoes some tattoos, finds her

voice, stands up tall, speaks her truth.


Beneath The Surface

Legions of unseen

creatures swim beneath the pond’s

unruffled surface, 

much like those unspoken thoughts

glimpsed in non reflective  eyes.


Spring Ritual

Each year those bachelor

buttons invite sweet daisies 

to the big Spring Dance.

Year after year what they hear

is a bright, excited YES.


Small And Alone

Such a tiny deer

crossing the road all alone,

no companions or

mother nearby – May it be

safe, May it find its way home.


Advice To Self

If you feel yourself

start to sink and know you don’t

have the energy

to swim, just take a deep breath,

relax, and let yourself float.


Go Girl!

As the sky slowly

grows more clear, I feel my mood

begin to lighten

and send messages to my

feet to run and greet the sun.


Grist For The Mill

Another gray start

of day. Find myself wishing

it wasn’t this way.

Notice the bright song of birds.

Decide to join them with words.