Long Journey Home

Silently they move

toward the Bethlehem of our

hearts- these yearnings for

a new testament of love.

May they find a dwelling place.


Beyond Space And Time

Two elderly men.

some distance apart, placing

flowers at graves of

loved ones – connected by love

though unknown to each other.


Tis The Season

A rare find indeed,

a moment of peace amidst

holiday frenzy –

the perfect gift for harried

souls searching for perfect gifts.


Sweet Surrender

After the rain stopped

the evergreens gently held

some glistening drops

until the moment was right

to let the glistening go.


Birthday Reflection

 Seventy seven

years on this planet and I

still haven’t figured

 out what it’s all about… and

there’s no use asking Alfie.


It’s A Stretch

It’s a stretch of limbs

and a semi-rigid mind,

but I slowly find

a more limber way to be –

an exercise in delight.


Environment Of Change

So grateful Greta

and others do not err on

the side of caution.

What will become of us if

no one speaks truth to power?