Giving Tree

 Bent and broken branch

 persists in offering 

 buds and bright blooms.



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2 comments on “Giving Tree

  1. Mike U. says:

    This reminds me of an apple tree I wrote about on my blog which grew on the farm where I was raised. Half of its branches were dead or dying, and it was short and stunted, yet each spring it persisted and did its best to produce leaves. It even gave small green apples for a few years. It possessed such a melancholy demeanor, and I felt sorry for it…yet I also sort of admired its tenacity and how it clung to life despite all of its problems. Your poem is beautiful and hopeful. 🙂

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    • Joan says:

      There is both a beauty and a sadness in your description of that short and stunted apple tree that gave what it could as long as it could. it evokes an appreciative tenderness.

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