Thunder And Rain

“Sometimes there’s thunder

and there’s no rain;

sometimes there’s rain

and there’s no thunder”.

Ajahn Chah’s one sentence response

when asked for his spiritual autobiography

is true for all of us. For some 

there’s more thunder than rain.

For others there’s more rain than thunder,

but every life has both.

I hope my spiritual biography 

has more rain than thunder.

I hope I end with a gentle rain.




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2 comments on “Thunder And Rain

  1. I saw a science show on lightning once and I learned that lightning striking the earth is necessary for plants to survive. Neutrons or something. Well, thunder is the auditory version of lightning so both thunder and rain nourish life on earth. Then again the earth needs sunshine to survive as well. Variety is such a blessing. Thanks for posting your poem. It makes me think.

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