Letter Rip

Vowel asks consonant,

“Will you join me for a word?”.

Consonant replies, “Ok”.


Number feels left out,

begs to join the equation.

Suddenly, there’s Algebra!



3 comments on “Letter Rip

  1. Love this! It took me a minute but worth the momentary pondering. Did you collaborate on this one with someone?

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    • Joan says:

      Thanks, LuAnne. My son and I wrote this. I wrote the first 3 lines and he wrote the last three. We have been doing this every day for several years, switching who writes the start and who writes the finish.It’s been great fun.

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      • Oh, yes. I’ve been meaning to do this with a friend of mine, but we haven’t gotten started yet. I think this is such a great way to encourage a relationship with someone.


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