Knox, Loyal And True

After he lurched in pursuit

of I don’t know what

and caused me to fall

and drop his leash,

he dropped his pursuit

and lay down beside me

His eyes said,

“I’m sorry, Mama”.



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6 comments on “Knox, Loyal And True

  1. Ah, so sweet. 💜


  2. Dogs are like that. I hope you’re ok.

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  3. Danielle says:

    Awwww… precious! He instinctively knew you were more important.
    We should all take a lesson in compassion from him 🌞 Hope you are ok.

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  4. Sweet. I hope you are ok, though, Joan. I know I just can’t handle a fall any more.

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  5. Claire Shaffner says:

    Love it. Going to read it to Max and hope he gets it. May take at least -00 readings though.

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