Early Indicators

Driving home late one night

sixteen years ago,

two grandkids in the back seat,

we rounded a curve and before us

lay a valley dotted with lights.

Kodi, age 6, gasped and said,

“It looks like a whole bunch of angels.’

A few seconds passed,

then Sami, age 4, said,

“From over here it looks like

a whole bunch of car lights.”





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2 comments on “Early Indicators

  1. This made me laugh, Joan. I remember once one of my daughters, elementary age at the time, asked her dad about moon cycles. He started off on this long explanation that went back to the Big Bang. Finally, she said, “Dad, that’s too much information.” The younger of the two said, “You’re making my brain hurt.” Kids… 🙂

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  2. Gary Fultz says:

    Definitely indicators. Love it.

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