Bird Feeders’ Lament

Where has all the birdseed gone

Short time passing?

Where has all the birdseed gone

Short time ago?

Squirrels have eaten every bite

Short time passing.

When will we ever learn?

Little hope in sight.


(with apologies to Pete Seeger)


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3 comments on “Bird Feeders’ Lament

  1. Betty says:

    I heard Pete Seeger sing at Wells College in the early 60s! I think Joan Baez also sings this. Took me back over 57 years….a LONG time ago!

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  2. cdroy16 says:

    Dear Joan,

    I attended a UR Osher presentation this week. It was about backyard birding and one hint for dealing with squirrels was to put a little cayenne pepper in the mix. The instructor explained that birds have no sense of smell (evolution) and it does not bother them.


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