Together We Walked

My inner curmudgeon and I

went for a morning walk today.

He began, as you’d expect,

ignoring the call and tweet of birds,

the beaver that scurried across the road.

Instead he noted my lopsided gait, 

saying it wouldn’t be long until…


but as we walked among the trees,

he unexpectedly grew still,

and by the time we got back home

he’d decided to give it a rest.



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2 comments on “Together We Walked

  1. My inner curmudgeon is always female and she bitches at me all the time, especially when I am writing! Good for you, Joan, for wearing the old guy out so he’ll nap for the rest of the day.


  2. Joan, It is beginning to look as if you are my twin because many of
    our life experiences are so similar. Bless you, for writing them down for your friends and admirers.

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