More Than A Glance

We exchanged a look,

that fawn and I,

and met in a sacred space

of mutual curiosity.



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4 comments on “More Than A Glance

  1. penncosect24 says:

    Such a true statement of what occurs! In that space, there is a shared curiosity. The fawn watches curiously, taking in the experience of a person’s presence. Later, fully grown, that look of curiosity is replaced, I think, by a look of regard — as in, “The deer stood regarding me.” Regarding what? Perhaps something learned of humans or perhaps something learned of predators in general. Perhaps neither of these. But I often am watched by deer regarding my presence. Our eyes meet, and I know I am being appraised.

    This is a lovely poem!


  2. This is wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

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