For Murphy, the Grandentity’s cat,

a closed door is just a challenge.

She’ll do her best to enter, but if she can’t,

she’ll fill the air with heart-wrenching cries.

The Grandentity falls for it every time,

opens the door, scoops her up,

and gently explains the human need for privacy. 

Murphy never gets it. 

It’s no wonder I’m worried.

In the fall the Grandentity will leave for college,

and when the door closes on that familiar chapter

of their lives, I know Murphy won’t appreciate

the new chapter that is opening. After all,

it will also be a prolonged closing for her.







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3 comments on “Closings

  1. Oh, I love this so much, Joan. The opening of one chapter as a prolonged closing. That is wonderful.

    Poor Murphy. I can so relate. One of my cats, Chloe, cannot stand for me to shut the bathroom door. I usually just let her in but then there is that darn closed door on the other side she wants through.


  2. ebbtide says:

    Excellent! And poor little Murphy. Some changes are certainly harder to adapt to than others.

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