The More Things Change…

Cars speed by as I sit,

waiting for the light to change.

I’m in my new-to-me car.

I remember the first car I bought

fifty-six years ago.

I didn’t have a license, didn’t 

even know how to drive.

What I did know was 

it was sweltering hot in Alabama

and I was tired of waiting.

My husband was out of town 

and the bikes we had been riding

for two years were parked outside.

To this day, how I got that loan

and that car remains a mystery,

but by the time he got home

we had a car.

The light changes,

but I haven’t changed much. 








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2 comments on “The More Things Change…

  1. Great ending, Joan.


  2. Cathy G Vaughn says:

    I love this!


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