It’s Been Quite A Ride

When I was seven,
I rode horses in the moonlight.

It didn’t trouble me then

that I had never been near a horse

much less ridden one, nor

that I was terrified of the dark.

I rode those imaginary horses

through some real dark nights and I was fine.

At eighteen I galloped into marriage,

and in my forties I walked through the darkness

of single parenthood and a new career.

In my sixties I began

 rounding up grandkids and lassoing poems.

Now, in my mid-seventies, 

I see my course was set early –

just didn’t know then 

that I was riding a metaphor.

I am grateful my way’s been lit by the moon.




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5 comments on “It’s Been Quite A Ride

  1. Lovely, Joan. This one gave me chills of delight. (Sorry that I am flooding your notes but I have been away and I wanted to catch up – don’t want to miss a one of your wonderful poems.)


  2. allysoally says:

    Beautifully penned, Joan…


  3. Shelley Brinson says:

    WOW, Joanie. Just WOW.


  4. Glenda Kotchish says:

    Wonderful poem Joan


  5. Oh, how lovely!


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