Proper Usage

My shy granddaughter

has always been

a push-over,

but not anymore.

Seems like every time

I present a request

or state a point-of-view,

she pushes back.

When I brought this 

to her attention,

she grinned and said,

“I’m practicing on you.”


When I read what I had written to my non-binary granddaughter, they pushed back, saying I had forgotten for the umpteenth time to use “they” instead of “she” or to use our agreed upon humorous phrase, “the entity”. What follows is this 76 year old, former English teacher’s revision.

My once shy granddaughter

used to be

a push-over,

but not anymore.

Seems like every time

I present a request

or state a point-of-view,

the entity pushes back.

When I brought this

to the entity’s attention,

the entity grinned and said,

“I’m practicing on you.”










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2 comments on “Proper Usage

  1. I love this Joan. I, too, struggle with non-gender-based words. I like your choice of ‘the entity’. 🙂 You might want to edit this once more to sub “grandperson” for “granddaughter”. You are so fortunate to have a close relationship with your ‘entity’ as is the ‘entity’ fortunate to have you in ‘their’ life. (I know what you mean. I am a retired English teacher, too, and that plural ‘their’ with a singular ‘life’ is like fingernails scratching a black board. Eeek!)


  2. cindy knoke says:

    Long may she reign!

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