A Moving Experience

Over thirty years of stuff,

 saved and tucked away,

has been drug out of hiding

and is now on full display

’cause in no time at all

 it’s office moving day.

The sorting quickly slips

into professional life review,

and, though tiring,

is filled with wonder too –

(“I wonder why I kept that.”

 “I wondered where that went.”

“I wonder when I wandered

from my first intent.”)

All this sorting helps me see

what mattered then,

what matters now,

what never mattered but I kept somehow.


 Moving into a smaller space

can have some big advantages.




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4 comments on “A Moving Experience

  1. I love this one, Joan! The juxtaposition in the last line is excellent. I also enjoyed your line “I wonder when I wandered from my first intent.” The whole poem is delightful. Hope you like your new ‘digs’. 🙂


  2. Dabney says:

    Glad you’ll still be “here”!


  3. Joan, so real, so true
    a fine example of how we move and change in many ways

    Big hugs


    Liked by 1 person

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