Universal Reminder

The Universe must have had enough

of me and my worrisome moods.

Grabbing a pen to jot down

my daily poem, I found one already there.

Short and to the point, it read:

Big Trip

Short Fuse

Deep Breath

Just Cruise.

When I wrote it, I don’t know,

but what I do know is this –

the Universe is a poet too, 

 and just to make this crystal  clear,

 showed me a license plate that read



LUVJG24, that’s what, three years ago, the license plate on a stranger’s car said. I read it on a day I was feeling pretty low. The synchronicity of it startled me and at first I took it as a reminder that I, whose initials are “JG”, am loved 24 hours a day whether I am aware of it or not. A few days later I realized it could also be read as an injunction, telling me, JG, to love 24 hours a day. I then wrote the poem above and posted it on my blog in April of 2015.  In the intervening years I have recalled that day and marveled at the unlikelihood of that strange happening.

Today,  I was sitting with a question that has been occupying me lately: “How can I best serve others and myself in the time I have remaining?” when I recalled, once more, the message the universe sent me via a license plate three years ago.  The universe, it seems, has infinite patience and will keep repeating it until I finally catch on and let myself be guided by it.





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3 comments on “Universal Reminder

  1. elizabeth daniel bickford says:

    Wow, Joan! WOW!!!! Happy New Year! Buffy

    Sent from my iPhone


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