Out Of My Depths

I never saw it coming –

that sudden sweep

of side-shaking laughter.

Meditation, I thought,

was a measured process

of breathing in

and breathing out,

of watching thoughts come

and letting them go,

but as I sat,

eyes closed,

spine straight,

listening to Jason’s gentle guidance,

I didn’t let go.

I let loose.


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3 comments on “Out Of My Depths

  1. I agree with Mr. Mel, this is a well written poem. I could so relate – not necessarily to side-shaking laughter during meditation, but I often break out into a huge grin. It’s sort of like the universe giving us a hug – or maybe telling a good joke. 🙂

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  2. Mr. Mel says:

    When you, through meditation, experience that which you are, it frees you from the emotions, the intelligence and the introvertion that we think is our life.

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