Spring Cleaning

Stuff accumulates –

that old wrap-around skirt-dress combo

that I could never figure out, the one

that made my grandkids laugh out loud.

What was I thinking?

Mail, magazines, receipts,

those old orange crocs,

out-worn ideas,

old judgements prematurely made,

 tax returns dating

back to the beginning of time –

and speaking of time,

the time is now not then

and so I begin,

piece by piece,

deciding what to discard

and what to keep.


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3 comments on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Claire Shaffner says:

    I’m in the same boat as you…doing a little Goodwill bag at a time. We should get together for lunch soon. Let me know what is good for you. I am open Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.


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  2. Jane bowe says:


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  3. Mr. Mel says:

    Oh to know you are not alone, accumulation out of control. But I might need this, not. The heart says keep the mind says donate or destroy. This time the mind wins.

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