The Gold Beneath

If someone calls you a worm,

seek clarification. 

If it’s an earthworm they’re referring to,

consider this:

earthworms till soil, recycle,

add nutrients and oxygen,

and help with drainage.

They themselves are food

for robins and other birds,

snakes, snails, bears, foxes,

and hedgehogs.

They provide endless opportunities

for young boys to tease

their squeamish  friends and prove

their fearless masculinity

as they bait hooks and fish. 

If someone calls you a worm,

you are clearly an asset to the planet.

Nod sagely and thank them.


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8 comments on “The Gold Beneath

  1. What an interesting take on life. 🙂

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  2. kaye Redford says:

    and I just said yesterday that DT is a worm…..

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  3. says:

    Fabulous. Love this, Joan

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