“Ordination Wondering”, A Guest Post By Roger Pittard

In a brief conversation with the very accomplished organist at his Baptist Church, Roger learned that she was a Muslim and her mother was from Iran.  Touched by her presence in their congregation, he wrote the following poem and despite his concerns about how it might be received, he gave it to her at the end of  a Sunday service. The next Sunday she put his mind to rest when she turned from the organ, looked out over the congregation, located Roger, and gave him a warm smile.

Ordination Wondering

A woman,

a woman hustles

back and forth,

back and forth,

serving, weaving

in and out of our


She, in part,

rooted and nourished

by worlds

I know not,

many of us know


The music,

our interactions,

are we connecting,

are we drawing


My view?

Perhaps God

has ordained you,

perhaps we

have ordained you,

selected you,

placed hands on you,

to wear a collar,

to be a priest

with us,

in the work

God wants to


in this part of

the world,

at this time

in the world.

                                                                                                   Roger Bruce Giffen Pittard


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2 comments on ““Ordination Wondering”, A Guest Post By Roger Pittard

  1. Phoebe Antrim says:

    Thanks for this! Phoebe Antrim

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  2. Phoebe Antrim says:

    Oh, yes❤❤Phoebe

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