Total Makeover


In the heat this snake

had the best solution – shed

unneeded layers.


                                                                                                       photo by Kali Wells

2 comments on “Total Makeover

  1. Oh, Joan. I absolutely love this. You expressed such a profound truth in 17 syllables! I love the arrangement of words, too, how you isolated “shed”. That’s the beginning, no?

    This week I have helped my daughter move cross country for a new job. Helping her clean her old apartment of unnecessary layers, all the donations, yard sales, recycling she did to shed was inspirational to me. But in the heat of life there are those emotional layers as well.

    Such superb crafting, Joan. One of my new favorites! 🙂


    • Joan says:

      You remind me, LuAnne, again and again of the participatory nature of poetry. I appreciate so much your deeply engaged response. As Ira Progoff said, “This solitary work we cannot do alone.”

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