That any of this –

sky-gazing children, smirking pharmaceutical executives,

moon-lit rivers, slouching teenagers,

deep-diving whales, soaring sea gulls,

poisonous mushrooms, budding dogwoods,

slithering copperheads, crass politicians,

web-spinning spiders, and, yes, even me

at my best and at my worst –

that any of this should exist

 is both marvel and mystery.

May we look directly.

May we look beneath and beyond to 

the sacred thread of life running through it all.


This entry was posted in poetry.

3 comments on “This

  1. Cindy says:

    Thank you, Joan, for speaking to me more loudly today than the crass politicians. I’ve actually named this year’s campaign theme “the crassification of America”. Your voice consistently calls me back to the deep-down message of what makes life clean and good.


  2. barbara outland says:



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