It’s Time (Chapter 15)

“Small voice, I’ve been getting some proddings lately,” I say.

“Proddings?” small voice says.

“Yeah. A friend asked about you for one thing,” I answer.

“And what did you say?” small voice asks.

“I said we’d drifted apart.”

“I think it’s you who drifted,” small  voice replies. ” I haven’t gone anywhere.”

“You’re sounding kind of self-righteous,” I say. “Anyway,

I’ve gotten other messages  that I should 

get back in touch.”

“And you decided to pay attention?” small voice asks.

“Yeah, I guess,” I say.

“You guess?” small voice asks.

“Well, sometimes you make me 

really uncomfortable,” I say.

“That’s part of my job description,” small voice says.

“I wish it were a smaller part,” I say.

Small voice looks at me and smiles.

“Welcome back, Wayward Wisher,” small voice says. “We’ll

pick up where we left off.”

I groan.


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