Hunting Treasure

When I was a kid,

my friends and I rode pretend

horses in moonlight,

found treasures in unlikely

places, dug a hole 

to China, and cautioned our

younger siblings  not

to get too close for it was

a long ride down with

no way back. Though I never

fell in that China

hole, life pushed me forward til

I left behind those moon-lit 

rides and followed a

different course. It’s only now,

more than six decades

later, that I’ve returned to

moon-lit rides and hunting treasure.


3 comments on “Hunting Treasure

  1. Hopefully my hole to China crosses through yours and I can say hello in passing. 😀


    • Joan says:

      Thank you, Erich. It would be great to connect as we make our way through those holes to China. I won’t wait til then, though, to tell you how much I enjoy your blog posts -especially “Hugs” and “The House on the Corner”.

      Liked by 1 person

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