It’s Time (Chapter 6) – in which the small voice digresses

“Go ahead. Get it.” small voice says.


“Get it,” small voice repeats.

“I thought you were here to guide me 

to enlightenment, not to suggest purchases, ” I say.

“It’s perfect for you,” small voice says,

pointing to the Mother’s Day card.

“Ask your son to stop by and sign it.”

“Mothers don’t buy their own Mother’s Day cards

and get their children to sign them.” I say.

“It’s perfect,” small voice says pointing to the card

of a woman getting a traffic ticket 

and saying to the bored looking cop,

“Oh, kiss my !@#!.”

“Look inside,” small voice says.

Unsure whether I’m to look inside myself

or inside the card, I pick the card.

It says,” Mom, you’ve always had a way with words.”

“Small voice, I’m going to have to report you

to your superior, ” I say.

Small voice grins.


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