These Days ( a guest post by Hanna Lange )

These days, I dream in color,

My nights are full of stories

Instead of the nightmares

That for years, dogged my slumber.

These days, I sing along with the radio,

Even though my voice is not the best.

I don’t worry what others think of me,

I just lose myself in the music.

These days, I dress for comfort,

Instead of obsessing over how I look.

Favorite clothes wrap me in

Their familiar embrace and make me smile.

These days, I do what makes me happy

Without concern for external validation.

I find freedom in my own weirdness

And let others take or leave me as I am.

These days, I don’t bother with shame,

I choose instead to embrace joy,

I give myself permission to be ridiculous,

And I laugh at myself all the time.

These days I still fight my battles

Against anxiety and depression

Not because I don’t want to be a burden to others,

But because I know I deserve to be happy.

– Hanna Lange

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