Remember to Bend (A Guest Post by Hanna Lange)

“Breathe deeply,” she says, “and pay attention to the breath.”

In through my nose, and then one long exhale,

At first I struggle to clear my mind,

To be entirely present to my breath,

Not focused on anything but the present moment.

I feel the simple rhythm,

In and out, in and out.

My body moves in response to her words,

Stretching, reaching, seeking

Spine straight, arms up and over

And as I move, everything else slips away.

Knees toward chest, hips rotating,

Long neglected muscles are finally honored

Like veterans of a distant war.

I feel the tension letting go,

Drifting away in this quiet space,

Where there is only soft music,

Gentle instruction,

And the steady rhythm of my own breath.

We move in quiet harmony,

Me and this stranger,

And I rediscover how to let go,

How to be here now,

How to be mindful.

I feel myself relax,

The relief like the exhale after a breath

Held tight for far too long.

When the music and the lesson stop

I feel reborn, alive again,

Awake after a long, fitful sleep.

I realize that the most important thing

Is remembering how to bend in the now

And to focus on the simple things,

Like breath, and sound, and stretch.

– By Hanna Lea Lange

One comment on “Remember to Bend (A Guest Post by Hanna Lange)

  1. susanbuniva says:

    A beautiful poem of mother and daughter breathing, stretching, growing. Thank you for sharing this sacred moment. Susan



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